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Address: 35a Vrtlarska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/307-6158, 316-0532

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TRIVUK is a trade, production and service association based in Zemun, at 35a Vrtlarska street in Serbia. It was founded in 1995 as a direct successor to the VUK-trade company from Knin which stopped work after the war in Croatia.

The company deals in meat product manufacturing, retail and wholesale and financial exchange. We are a family company and we employ up to 50 workers at all time. Within the company we have all the services required for independent business – supply, production, storage area, transport, accounting. Therefore the following business cells operate within our company:

OFFICE (the company HQ) 35a Vrtlarska street, Zemun (supply, sale, accounting, bookkeeping), STORAGE (Mice Radakovica street, number 4s), Zemun (goods receiving, demand updates, distribution and transport), PRODUCTION (4s Mice Radakovica street), Zemun (receiving raw components, production cycles in accordance with the current standards and regulation, packaging)

Our Trivuc prosciutto is made in the traditional Dalmatian way of dry salting, pressing, cold smoking, drying and maturing. The meat is obtained exclusively fresh from slaughter houses around Serbia. The entire process requires at least a year. The experience we’ve brought from our home we have coordinated with the modern criteria of packaging.

Our trademark products are prosciutto and pancetta which are made in the traditional Dalmatian way. Our goal is to keep growing in our production with our trademark products in the home market and someday abroad as well.

Retail objects:

1.     Mini market, 4s Mice Radakovica street, Zemun. Working hours 6AM – 10PM every day.

2.     DRAGSTOR – 35a Vrtlarska street, Zemun (food retail and other goods, fresh meet) Working hours 6AM – 10PM every day.
- Grill (fast food) 7AM – 10PM
- Exchange office 8AM – 10PM, Sundays 8AM – 5PM

3.     MARKET – 26a Stojana Aralica street, New Belgrade – Working hours 6AM – 10PM
- Exchange office 2 8AM – 9PM every day

4.     MINI MARKET – 28 Stojana Aralice street, New Belgrade 6AM – 10PM every day

Trivuk Wholesale

We deal in mixed goods wholesale at very affordable conditions. We transport goods using air conditioned vehicles. We provide for over 50 retail objects of which the most known are: Dis, Idea, Familija and others. We also supply many restaurants and kitchens.

4s Mice Radakovica street, Zemun
Phone: 011/307-62-43
Working hours: 06AM–10PM

35a Vrtlarska street, Zemun
Phone: 011/307-67-13; 064/834-87-25
Working hours: 00–24h

26 Stojana Aralice street, Bežanijska kosa
Phone: 011/318-66-93
Working hours: 06–22h

28 Stojana Aralice street, Bezanijska kosa
Phone: 011/227-00-96
Working hours: 06–22h

Trivuk exchange offices

Thanks to the support and trust our customers have given us we have expanded our activity to finance exchange so that now our customers can have their currency exchanged in two locations. We offer the best courses and the possibility of agreement for larger sums.


35a Vrtlarska street, Zemun
Phone: 062/ 402 445


26 Stojana Aralice street, Bežanijska kosa
Phone: 062/402 445

TrivukGrill – Fastfood

The quality of our barbecue is the result of years of experience. Our vast offer of barbecue meat, sausages, chicken fillet, patties, sandwiches and others will delight you.

We perform service of roasting

Our working hours are 00-24h

Order by phone: 066/8023-142.

Trivuk company, 35a Vrtlarska street, Belgrade