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Products and specialties of Zlatibor

Milk and milk products:
- Zlatibor cheese sliced, unsalted 25% fat
- Zlatibor cheese sliced, salted 25% fat
- Zlatibor cheese whole milk a 45% fat
- Full-fat cheese zlatarsi a 45% fat
- Full-fat cheese with a tare in vacuum 45% fat
- Small cheese 20% fat

- Zlatibor young cream 65% fat
- Zlatibor old cream 65% fat
- Dairy spreads
- Peppers in cream

- Zlatibor cheese 45% fat
- Homolj cheese 45% fat
- Pizza cheese 25% fat

Milk and milk products from Tara, a manufacturer of dairy SPASOJEVIĆ Bajina Basta, trademarks NOTE TARE
- Tara yogurt with 2.8% mm
- Yogurt Tarino 0.9% fat
- Yogurt with Tara
- Miller from Tara
- Cream cheese with Tara
- Mushrooms in sour cream with Tara
- Tara cruiser with cheese 45% fat
- Fresh milk with Tara

Sawmills from Zlatibor:
- Beef meat
- Pork sirloin
- Pork smoked ham
- Rasher
- Scapular bacon
- Pork spareribs
- Dry pork cartilage
- Knuckles and dry cutlets
- Dry feet
- Zlatibor tobacco cracklings
- Domestic sudžuk
- Tea sausage
- Beef sausage
- Homemade sausage
- Beef and homemade salami
- Spicy Sausage
- Royal halls

- Juniper
- Brandy
- Plum
- Nanovača
- Honey

Domestic ajvar of peeled roasted peppers
- Mild, slightly bitter, angry, stripped paprika

Homemade sweet, quite naturally by:
- Plum
- Wild raspberry
- Wild berries
- Wild blueberries

Rosehip jam

MED, quite natural:
- Acacia
- Meadow
- With comb
- With dried fruit
- Honey bronchi
- Honey with nettle seeds
- Immune cocktail - honey with pollen and propolis

BOROV DAH - syrup of pine needles and pine young shoots, popularly known as pine honey

- Countryside phyllo for cheese pie, crust with buckwheat flour
- Zlatibor noodles, noodles with buckwheat flour
- Buckwheat flour

Sawmills prepared for serving

ZLATIBORSKA KOMOLET bun with too warm (močom), ham, sausage ...

For large quantity orders (slave, birthdays, celebrations ...) the possibility of agreement and delivery of the product prepared at home.


Toll Free: 064/410-57-31, up to 20 hours.

Opening hours from 07:00 to 15:00 every day.

EAT LOCAL, be strong and healthy as our ancestors.


ZLATIBORSKO CARSTVO Butchers, meat products Beograd
ZLATIBORSKO CARSTVO Butchers, meat products Beograd
ZLATIBORSKO CARSTVO Butchers, meat products Beograd