SJAJNA GARAZA Car-body mechanics Belgrade


Car-body mechanics Belgrade
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Painting, polishing and metalwork - while observing our work, you will reach the conclusion that your car needs our services. 

A car that has been painted at our service will leave our shop looking like it just rolled out of the factory. 


Painting and polishing all the surfaces on the vehicle is performed by our mechanics who have years of experience working in adequate conditions, which involves a painting and polishing chamber and using premium tool brands and materials which result in premium quality for our work. 


Vehicle polishing is done in order to ensure that the car maintains its attractive appearance and color of the entire exterior for as long as possible. Polishing can arrange mat paint and polish, take care of all the small scratches and impurities which will give your vehicle a neater and more attractive appearance. 


Car metalwork is a complex operation that requires a lot of precision during work and this in turn requires a variety of tools, ranging from a welder for plastics, metal and aluminium to spot machines and patterns for car exterior straightening and recovering the vehicle to the axis we own. With us, you can repair both small damages on metalwork and larger damages on your vehicle and restore it to its original shape.