Car locksmiths Belgrade

Address: 1 Vojvode Supljikca st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2442-297, 065/2442-297

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Over 3 decades of successful work is behind us in the area of locksmithing services as well as many satisfied clients who are the best indicators of our quality. Thanks to our dedicated work and professionalism as well as our approachable prices we have created a solid name for ourselves in our domain.

In our work we use the cutting edge machinery for creating all kinds of keys which let us produce even the most complicated keys within five minutes! The machines we use are connected to our computers, ensuring precision and functionality.

- Repairing all kinds of locks and obtaining parts at affordable prices
- Keys production
- Home, car, coded and master keys
- Changing coded locks to a different key
- Repairing car remotes, replacing housing and parts
- Opening vehicles without damage
- We come per request
- We guarantee quality

If you would like your apartment, home or business to be secure, our locksmithing store Misko is the right choice. Our rich selection of blinded doors, multi-lock locks and cash register will improve the security level of your property.

We create all kinds of keys, from regular to complex and special kinds you can't make in other stores. We create car keys and regular keys, install safety security locks and perform all other kinds of work.

Contact info:

1 Vojvode Supljikca street

Phone:011/ 2442297
Mob: 065/ 2442297

Misko locksmith in Belgrade, 1 Vojvode Supljicka street, Zvezdara