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Car locksmiths Belgrade
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Works 24h Open on Sundays Going out into the field

Locksmith "Lombi" is engaged in manufacturing of all types of keys:
- ordinary
- perforated
- Cash register keys
- ribbed
- encoded
- tubular
- Car keys
- Key with chip
- Truck keys

Locksmith shop Lombi most famous opener, locksmith, keys AUTOBRAVAR and millers in the territory of Zemun. We've existed for over 40 years and the trust placed in us by our loyal clients for the work is of immesurable importance.

We constantly strive to expand the range of services we have for you.

We deal with all kinds of repairs, engraving and service auto locks and keys, such as:
- Making the desired key on the model of a particular lock
- Unlocking the car or apartment without damage
- Replacement of keys and key battles
- Auto Repair remotes
- Encryption keys
- Burning keys
- Servicing security gates
- Engraving plate
- Repair and repack the locks and cylinders
- Installing and changing the key lock safe
- Sharpening all types of knives and scissors

For all the professionalism and quality of service that you get with us, come and see for yourself.