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Carpet cleaning Belgrade
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Royal Carpet Service Machine deep cleaning of all types of carpets, carpeting, furniture upholstery, car interior, putting a new fringe, metal flashing, bleaching fringe. Carpet Cleaning Service Royal was founded in 1996. year. After the first few years of operation, the strong competition we fought to be one of the best service in town. Experience, knowledge and dedication to work, they recommended us to many reputable clients such as: * U.S. Embassy with accompanying residences all over Belgrade, * Hotel Slavija Lux * Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra * Europen * Hotel President * Strategic Marketing * Restaurant Opera * Department of textbooks and teaching materials * Dunav Insurance * PS Drinka Pavlovic " * Institute of Physics Zemun * INEP * Bel Medica * Telecom Serbia * Mitros Music * Geosonda * PUC Infostan * Church Lazarica , Zemun * Ruzica Church at Kalemegdan * The Embassy of Macedonia * The Embassy of Turkey * and more than 100 000 satisfied customers. Carpet Cleaning Service Royal their service is a high-quality Cimex British manufacturing machines. Heat chamber provides constant work throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. The final delivery of carpets is 3 days from the date of acquisition. Speed, Quality and Efficiency is our motto. Price list of our services is: Download, deep cleaning, whitening fringes, with replacement carpet - 180 din / m² Deep cleaning carpets, carpeting and other floor surfaces in situ - 150 din / m² Deep cleaning upholstery furniture at a sit down place (ie chair) - 700 din Flashing carpet - 150 din / m² Replacement tassel (putting new) - 700 din / m² Polishing marble protection - 400 din / m² Washing marble - 240 din / m² Inside the car - 4000 din. For sizes over 100m ² agreements are possible


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