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Chimney sweepers Belgrade
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Saturday 08:00 - 14:00
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  • Bus: 35, 43, 95, 96, 58, 16, 23, 27e, 32e, E6

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Cvijiceva street
11 000 Belgrade


19 Nikceviceva street
35 000 Jagodina
035/ 8821 041 

13 Karadjordjeva street
26 000 Pancevo
013/ 335 727

KP "EKO-DIM’" ltd offers maintenance services for chimneys, ventilation systems and air conditioning. We began work in 1996 as a workshop and became a company with limited liability in 2007. We became a communal company in 2012.

Our intention was to create a professional chimney maintenance company with two basic goals: to preserve this old trade in Serbia and also to follow new technologies and tendencies and make sure Serbia does not fall behind in global standards of this trade. After many years this wish finally became true and our company’s motto is “Preserve tradition, follow the technology”.

Over the course of all these years we have set high standards for ourselves and the quality of our services, making sure to always mind our clients’ wishes and needs. We introduced a Management Quality System – ISO 9001:2008 and the environmental protection system ISO 14001:2004 as well as the work safety and work health system ISO 18001:2007. This fact demonstrates our business policy, professionalism and wish for constant advancement.

EKODIM is the leader in the region in the area of ungreasing kitchen ventilation system with the largest number of professional kitchens we maintain. In the area of cleaning and disinfecting ventilation and air conditioning systems we were the first in the region who began using robot technology and also the only company who holds the international Lifa Air certificate as a guarantee that we stick to the strictest global standards.

Our company employs a team of highly trained and professional workers who use high quality equipment, tools and devices to perform these services:

cleaning and de-greasing grease deposits in kitchen ventilation systems
- cleaning and disinfecting ventilation and air conditioning systems using robotic technology
- cleaning and inspecting chimneys and smoke guiding systems for the needs of attesting and certificates
- sanitation of old chimneys
- mechanical cleaning and dry cleaning fireplaces and other fire building constructions
- creating, installing and servicing new ventilation and air conditioning systems
- selling, installing and servicing electrostatic grease filters
- selling and installing active coal systems for scent control
- selling and installing water filters for smoke and fumes
wholesale of round brushes and cables for cleaning chimneys and boilers