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Apple Service – full technical support – Belgrade

Apple Service has been present in our market for over 10 years. We are proud to say that we are the first specialized service for repairing Apple products in Serbia. Our service is located in the center of the city. We are located at 5/2 Lomina street in Zeleni Venac, Belgrade. At our service we have highly qualified Apple experts who do their best to use their knowledge and experience to provide users in Serbia the best possible Apple service support.


- At what time can I bring in my laptop for repairs?
Our service is available on workdays between 11AM – 5PM, on Saturdays between 11AM – 3PM at 5/2 Lomina street Belgrade.

- Can a MAC computer run Windows?
Of course, a MAC computer – laptop can be used just like a regular Windows laptop. The Windows OS can be installed on any MAC and it will operate drastically better and more stable than on a regular laptop / computer.

- Can I purchase a spare part from you for an Apple computer and install it myself?
Sadly, as per Apple standards, any parts purchased from us must be exclusively installed per Apple company’s procedures at our service. Selling spare parts to a third party is strictly prohibited, but we will install any part you buy from us for free.

- I spilled liquid on my laptop – Apple iPhone, what should I do?
You should immediately power down your device and take it in for emergency cleaning as quickly as possible. Cleaning should be done within 12-24 hours in order to prevent further damage. Statistically, if a device is cleaned within the first 10 hours there is a 90% success rate for repairs. You should not dry your device because drying can lead to even greater damage for the electronic components.

- My HDD broke down and I didn’t make a backup for my data, what should I do?
Our Apple Service offers data retrieval service from damaged HDD discs. This kind of service is charged according to an existing price list and doesn’t depend on the amount of data saved, but rather the severity of the damages on the HDD hard drive. The diagnostics and estimation of the data retrieval lasts for about 1 workday, after which the users will get the list of data that can be salvaged from their HDD. After they survey and approve the list, the data will be saved to a new HDD.  

- I have purchased a new laptop. Should I format my battery?
Apple laptops and devices come with a pre-formated battery, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat this process. Let the battery empty to 10% and when it is fully charged, leave it charging for yet another hour. This procedure isn’t required, but our Apple technicians recommend it. Apple produces very high quality and durable batteries.


- Repairing motherboards for all Apple laptops models: iMac, MacPro, MacMini devices
- Replacing the LCD screen retinas
- Replacing original Apple batteries for all laptop models.
- Replacing keyboards and touchpads on Apple laptops - MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook pro New. MacBook Air.
- Replacing SSD discs or HDD discs for all Apple laptops.
- Charger servicing for all Apple laptops
- Extending RAM memory for all Apple computers and laptops
- Original spare parts for all Apple MacBook, MacBook pro, MacBook Pro new, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro, MacPro device models.


- Guarantee for all spare parts is 1 year
- Guarantee for every successful repair is 1 year
- Guarantee for LCD screens is 1 year


- iPhone replacement of original LCD screens
- iPhone replacement of LCD screens
- iPhone replacement of original batteries
- iPad replacement of original LCD screens
- iPad replacement of original batteries

If you’d like the best possible services for your Apple device with the best guarantee of quality, come to our Apple service technicians for help. CONTACT


Methods of payment

Cards Cheque Through an administrative ban / installment