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Laptop service – full technical support Belgrade

Laptop service has been available in our market for over 14 years. Our service specializes in repairing laptops, motherboards and peripheral equipment. In the service we have highly qualified laptop technicians with years of experience repairing laptops. We can proudly say that we are pioneers when it comes to repairing laptops. We also stand apart as the first laptop repair service in Belgrade. Our service is located in the center of the city at 5/2 Zeleni Venac TC, 11000 Belgrade.


- At what time can I bring in my laptop for repairs?
Every workday between 11AM – 5PM and on Saturdays between 11AM – 3PM at 5/2 Lomina street 11000 Belgrade.

- My motherboard has broken, what should I do?
Repairing a motherboard is the most complex and most demanding kind of laptop repair. This kind of service is available exclusively to electronics services and should be handled only by specialized servicers.

- My laptop has broken down at 2AM in the morning, can you fix it?
Our Laptop Service does have an emergency service line that operates outside our working hours, 7 days a week. The line is available from 8PM to 8AM and on Saturdays and Sundays from 3PM to 8AM. This service costs 5,000rsd on top of our standard repair fees.

- I am interested in purchasing spare parts for my laptop which I will be installing myself.
As a laptop service we must strictly abide by the manufacturer rules so selling original parts to third parties is not possible. Every original part in our offer must be tested by certified staff in order to issue a valid guarantee. We are strictly a service, not a store and we do not sell items.

- I have accidentally spilled a liquid (water, juice, alcohol) on my laptop. What should I do?
You must immediately power off and unplug your laptop, remove the battery if possible and turn it upside down so that the back of the screen is turned to the table. Immediately take the device into the nearest certified service for detailed cleaning of every component that had contact with the liquid. We should mention that the laptop should be serviced within the first 24 hours because water/liquid can cause many malfunctions within 10-15 hours. By no means should you turn on the laptop because that will damage the components.

- My HDD-SSD has broken down and I don’t have a backup. How can I save my data?
Our Laptop Service provides data recovery services from broken HDD – SSD discs. The price depends on the severity of the malfunction and the damage amount, but not on the amount of data. When we finish testing and diagnostics of the HDD disc, the customer will get a list of data that can be retrieved and after surveying it they can approve the data retrieval.

- My LCD screen has broken, what should I do?
Power down your laptop and visit your nearest certified service to replace your new and original LCD screen.

- My charger has broken down, what should I do?
By no means should you buy a universal charger because those will damage the electronics of your laptop because their parameters are imprecise and don’t have the same power as the original charger. If you do need to replace your charger, you should seek out a certified service and purchase an original charger or a used original charger. Statistics have shown that up to 90% of users who have used universal chargers have experienced electronics malfunctioning or charger connector issues.

- My laptop powers up but there’s no image, thought the lights are on – what should I do?
This is the most common problem with the graphics card which gives an image on the screen. You should visit a certified service and replace the entire motherboard or visit a service that specializes in replacing the BGA graphical chip. Advice: bowling or reballing the graphical chip isn’t recommended because this type of repair isn’t safe and doesn’t last for long, usually for about 3 months which is how long the guarantee issued by these services lasts.


- Repairing laptop motherboard
- Servicing – replacement of LCD screens on the laptop
- Repairing – replacing HDD – SDD discs on the laptop
- Repairing laptops which have been in contact with liquid


- Laptop keyboard servicing
- AC/DC charger connector servicing
- Original batteries for all laptop models
- Original chargers for all laptop models
- Antivirus protection bitdefender 2018
- We purchase laptops


- Free courier services
- Free malfunction diagnostics
- Emergency repairs 24 hours, 7 days a week


- For every repair we perform: 1 year guarantee
- For motherboard servicing: 1 year guarantee
- For all original parts purchased from us: 2 years guarantee
- LCD screens purchased from us: 3 years
If you would like the best possible services for your laptop with the best guarantee of quality, speak to our service technicians for assistance. CONTACT –



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