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Aluminum moldings, building boards, aluminum profiles ...

DOMINIJUM Ltd. is a company which has for several years successfully engaged in the production and distribution of
aluminum profiles - acrylic and PVC-strips.

These profiles are used in construction during the execution of the final work. They are intended to protect: the outer edges, stairs, internal angles and the like. All aluminum profiles are made of anodized aluminum. In addition to the protective function of aluminum and PVC profiles have a decorative function. Easy to install and ukalapaju in each area.

In the past few years we have achieved successful cooperation with foreign producers of aluminum and PVC profiles, as well as with local companies.

Company activity is conducted through wholesale and retail of aluminum and PVC-strips.

Our goal is that a responsible attitude towards any customer, the quality of our products and quality services expand and improve our operations.

- Profile of the inner corner
- Dilatation profile
- Borders
- Transitional profile
- Drip
- Stairs profile