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Construction materials Belgrade
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Tecasi doo company was founded in 1994 in Krusevac. With a branch in Belgrade (Mose Pijade 19b), two firms in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Banja Luka and Sarajevo, and more than 80 employees, Tecasi Ltd. is among the top companies involved trgovnom building materials. Close links with leading European companies that manufacture roof coverings - Tegola Canadese and Onduline, hydro and thermal insulation (Fim-Kanizsa and Subject-Italy), the OSB - Kronospan, skylights: Zenith and Velux, facade paints and Baumit Henkel, have enabled Tecasi to shape the modern and successful company that is still in the early nineties, integrated as an important regional factor in the European economy. Our development strategy, the quality of our product and respect the interests of our customers have built a company Tecasi respectable position in the regional markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro: Macedonia. For any other information that may be of interest, you can search our website. If you were unable to find the information you want, do not run to us via e-mail address your question and our expert team will respond as soon as possible. We offer: * Roof coverings: Tegola and Onduline * OSB * Hydro and thermal insulation (condor, bitumen, polystyrene) * Products Topics: cork membrane, geotextile, drainage tubes and channels, protective fences for construction sites * Roof windows: Zenith and Velux * Paints and adhesives for the facade: Henkel and Baumit * Sola Tube, Tegosolar * The materials for flat roofs Head office: TECASI Ltd. Kraljevacki bb 37000 Krusevac Tel. 037/3653-099 Fax. 037/3653-047