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Address: 131 Dimitrija Tucovica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: (tel/fax) 011/2427-322, 062/8487-843

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THOMAS COMPANY Authorized representative of companies SENOVA (Austria) and MACROLUX (Switzerland). We deal with sale of: - Polycarbonate (LEXAN) - Transparent artificial materials (Plexiglas) - Technical plastic materials (Polyamide, PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene) - Aluminum profiles - Pipes and clamps - Panel plates One of the objects in our making. Usage: Polycarbonate thermo plates are used for: covering, vertical glassing, separation walls, folding screen, glass gardens, canopies, lighting tapes on roofs, lighting ads, garages, pool covering, stadium covering...practically, it has unlimited usage. - Polycarbonate (LEXAN) in different colors - Blue (as on the picture) - Natural - Bronze - Opal - White - Green etc. DURABILITY - TRANSPARENT - POLYVALENT