Construction materials Belgrade

Address: 162 Vodovodska st., Zarkovo
Belgrade Phone: 011/2393-295, 2511-067, 2511-577 // 844-25-33, 844-25-32 (fax)
E-mail: partizan.uc@gmail.com
Website: www.ucpartizan.com

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UC Partizan was founded in 1989 as a private company for wholesale and retail of building materials, services and transport. With development of the company, business was expanded to the production of armature grid, import-export and representation of foreign firm on the Serbia and Montenegro market. Company's primary goal is development and growth of business. Other, but not less important, goals are widening range of products and distribution net, and establishing successful cooperation with suppliers as well as customers (before all building constructors). UC Partizan owns two trade centers in Belgrade. Altogether, these trade centers cover: 11000m2 of land, 200m2 of office, 80m2 of retail shops and 1400m2 of covered storehouse. We tend to honorably and properly fulfil our obligations and therefore, we gain high confidence from our business collaborators and partners.