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Enterprise consulting and development CTD3 was founded in 1991 in Belgrade.
1999 a working unit in Kotor - CTD3 Monte.

Consulting companies, or who CTD3 include preparation of Program Development, Feasibility study, project analysis, business plans in the field of tourism, hospitality, sport (sport centers - outdoor and indoor swimming pools, golf courses), recreation, entertainment (aqua parks), wellness ; provide professional consultancy services in the field of investment, legal interpretation and legal norms and regulations, obtain utility approval and decision on the construction of local authorities.
Consulting services we provide and foreign companies that produce the documentation necessary for participation in tenders in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbian.

activities of the company

Development programs in the field of tourism, hotels, health tourism, sports and recreation.
Feasibility Studies - Pre-investment feasibility studies by the World Bank methodology.
Detailed study to designate the territory in the spa Serbia - Preparation of studies for the determination of the territory spas is based on ACT resorts on the basis of which the Government of the Republic of Serbia proclaims the spa regions.
Design - Development of urban and architectural solutions for hotels, residential facilities, sports and recreation centers, marinas, entertainment and aqua park, swimming pool, spa facilities, wellness centers, golf courses, office buildings.
Investment programs - economic analysis, business planning and marketing research.
Research for the needs of investors - location, natural resources, historical heritage. Project management - project management from concept to implementation, application programs Primavera in the name and for the account of investors
Representation at foreign investment - English, French and German-speaking countries.
Design - izarada catalogs, presentation materials, Web sites.

REFERENCE DESIGNS studies in the field of tourism, hotel, recreation, sport, TREATMENT
1 Feasibility Study Hotel De Luxe, Rajićeva 20;
2 Marketing study for the construction of a hotel **** at Belgrade Fair hotel chain Movenpick;
3 Reconstruction of the Park Hotel, Velika Plana;
4 Investment Project to build a recreational center in the spa parts to the periphery Han;
5 Feasibility study for the construction of golf courses in Surčinu;
6 Marketing research study sites for construction of office building;
7 Feasibility Study for the construction of a tourist complex with a golf course petroaradinski in Deliblato sand;
8 Feasibility Study for the construction of an amusement park the ciganlija;
9 Feasibility Study for a tourist complex with a golf course and farm fallow deer in Mramorak;
10 Conceptual design, feasibility studies and the promotional brochure for the Wellness center with apartments in Pribojska Spa;
11 Investment eleborat the program Wellness Centre in Palic
12 Investment Study for Construction of a **** on mine;
13 investment projects with creative architectural sports complex with Sport Hotel in Nova Varos and promotional catalog in two languages (;
14 The terms of reference for curriculum development and protection of the banks of the Danube from the Abyss to the dusts;

1 Study for spa Vrujici
2 Study for spa Han
3 Study for Niska Banja
4 Study on Air Spa Ivanjica
5 Study of Palic
6 Study of spa Jošanica
7 Study for banja koviljača
8 Study on Air Spa Goldsmith
9 Study of Vranje Spa
10 Study of Bujanovac Spa
11 Study for Prolom Spa
12 Study for Sijerinska spa
13 Study of Atomic Spa Gornja Trepca in the making
14 Study for Shepherd spa
15 Study for Mataruska
16 Study for Banja Velebit - Kanjiža
17 Study of Banja spa - Mladenovac
18 Study of Novi Pazar
19 Study of Pristina (in progress)

- Promotional catalogs performed investment programs in two or more foreign languages.

Investment programs VRNJAČKA BANJE
- More than 20 programs for immediate investment.

- For municipalities and regions in Serbia and Montenegro.
1. Tourism Development Programme Ovčarsko Kablarska gorge
2. Tourism Development Programme Spas Han
3. The development of tourism in the municipality of Bujanovac
4. Tourism Development Programme Goldsmith
5. The development of spa tourism Roške

- Preliminary and final projects.