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SPASENSE - Belgrade Spa

SPASENSE is a CENTER FOR BODY CARE AND SHAPING where traditional spa treatments for beauty are combined with the latest technological advancements to comfortably and effectively achieve the best results.

Spa has become synonymous with peace, silence, balance, and time dedicated to oneself.

  • Are you completely satisfied with the quality of your life?
  • Are you satisfied with the appearance of your body?
  • Do you think you can stay younger, slimmer, and firmer without effort?

If you answered YES to these questions, then SPASENSE is not the place where you should spend your time. If you have doubts but care about being beautiful, well-groomed, and healthy, and wish to achieve harmony of body, mind, and environment, then SPASENSE is the solution for you.

At SPASENSE, you achieve harmony of mind, beauty, strength, health, and firmness. How? Above all, comfortably and intimately, with the help of experienced professionals from SPASENSE, top technological advancements, and revolutionary discoveries in cosmetology. Our team of experts includes specialists in dermatology, physical medicine, acupuncture, cosmetologists, massage therapists, and staff dedicated to making your stay at Spasense pleasant and unforgettable.

Our programs are targeted and individualized because every body has different needs and functions differently. Therefore, it is important to find a combination of treatments that best suits your daily needs and lifestyle to achieve the best results. Among the devices used are the Dermalife 5.5ph Hydrofusion capsule and the SpaJet capsule, needle-free mesotherapy, Body Health, which provide excellent results in beauty programs.

At SPASENSE, alongside the Dermalife program, we offer:

  1. Weight loss program
  2. Body shaping program
  3. Sensory awakening program
  4. Forever young program
  5. Cleansing program
  6. All facial cosmetic treatments
  7. Acne, scar, and stretch mark treatments

Cavitation Cavitation is a non-surgical method that destroys fat cells on the stomach, legs, hips, upper arms, etc. The method uses ultrasound waves of strictly defined frequency directed through the skin to a specific depth. This targeted energy of ultrasound waves causes the membranes of fat cells to rupture, releasing fat into the intercellular space. With the help of enzymes present, the fat is then broken down and eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system. The treatment is more successful when lymphatic drainage or some other mechanical massage follows each session. Of course, accompanying this method is a dietary program and normal water intake. The treatment is painless, performed once a week for 40-60 minutes, and can reduce circumference by up to 6 cm. The number of treatments required varies individually.

Cavitation is the right method for women and men of all ages who struggle with stubborn fat deposits despite diet and exercise but prefer to avoid risks. Cavitation is not performed on pregnant women, individuals with diabetes, kidney diseases, tumors, etc. Personal consultations are recommended to learn more about the cavitation method and additional treatments that achieve desired body shaping, skin tightening, reduction of leg swelling, or facial and body rejuvenation. Cavitation (lipolysis) successfully targets localized fat deposits, and results are visible after each treatment. Our experience with satisfied clients and, of course, your desires guarantee mutual success.