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Cosmetics salons Belgrade

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Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
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  • Bus: 89, 95, E1, E5, E6
  • Tram: 11 ,13, 7, 9

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- Permanent makeup – eyelids and lips
- Japanese eyebrow drawing

TINA LUX cosmetic salon offers you the latest services in the area of body and facial treatments such as mesiotherapy without needles as a fully non-invasive method which can be applied with both younger and older clients. In our work we use only the highest quality products as well as the latest technology made in Germany. Visit us in our pleasant and peaceful ambiance of Belville and enjoy our oasis of peace and beauty while you discover various ways to bring out your youth and beauty. Our salon employs a team of renown scientists, professional cosmeticians who continuously improve their skills both in our country and abroad, keeping in step with the latest trends and discoveries in cosmetology. Visit us also if you are looking for an effective rejuvenation, hydratation and skin toning method for your face and body.

In our pleasant and relaxing ambiance you can enjoy our magic with our diverse treatments of mesiotherapy:

- Needle mesiotherapy
- Dermo-foam mesiotherapy
- Hand mesiotherapy
- Body mesiotherapy
- Needle-free mesiotherapy with the Meso multi/9080 which is the perfect combination of techniques to remove and slow down the ageing process (mesoporation – injects active matter into the deeper layers and Meso Sono – injects matter through sonophoresis)

In addition to mesiotherapy TINA LUX salon offers you a broad palette of cosmetic treatments in one place:

Skin care and rejuvenation:

- Diamond microdermal abrasion – NEW
- Oxygen treatment – NEW
- Diamond microdermal abrasion + oxygen treatment – NEW
- Diamond microdermal arasion + mesiotherapy – NEW
- Radio-wave lifting for the area around the eyes – NEW
- Mesoporation + facial radiowave lifting – NEW
- Radio-wave facial lifting + chest + neck – NEW
- Radiowave lifting + facial care – NEW

Radiowave lifting is a new and effective method for rejuvenating the face and body skin which represents a great alternative to surgery because it is completely pain-free and done without any kind of anesthesia. This treatment is recommended as a preventive measure starting at the age of 25 for considerable reduction in premature ageing and is ideal for older people as well if they would like to remove existing wrinkles and irregularities like low eyelids, bags around the eyes, double chin and many others.

- PDT light therapy + facial care – NEW
- Mesiotherapy with needles and derma-foam
- Mesiotherapy without needles
- Anti-ageing treatmet
- Filling in wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin
- Lip enlargement, volume and correction
- Collagen treatment
- Treatment with Argan oils
- Ionoporesis
- Darsonval
- Biological treatment
- Hollywood glow
- Hyaluronic fillers
- PPR plasma lifting
- Mesionites 3D lifting
- Botox
- Wide pore treatment
- Removing freckles and blemishes
- Ultrasound cleaning and care
- Classical facial treatment

Care and rejuvenation of the body, anti-cellulite program, reduction in body fat and body shaping.

- Waxing – NEW

- Body cavitation

Cavitation is a method which uses certain frequencies of ultrasound waves for the purpose of breaking apart fat cells and localized fat tissue. This method doesn’t damage the skin or leave behind any pain after the procedure so that you can immediately resume your everyday activities. Cavitation doesn’t destroy fat cells but rather breaks them apart and sends them into the blood as glycerol. This means that the fat remains travelling through the organism and must be spent via physical activity, otherwise it will just deposit in other parts of the body.

- Bipolar body treatment – NEW
- Fat reduction treatment
- Breast lifting treatment
- Anti-cellulite treatment
- Stretch marks therapy
- Gluteus lifting therapy
- Muscle strengthening and shaping treatment
- Lipolysis
- Lymphatic drainage
- Body mesiotherapy
- Ultrasound body treatment
- Treatment against hair loss.

Manicure and pedicure – NEW:

- Aesthetic pedicure
- Medicinal pedicure
- Jessica gel polish pedicure
- Aesthetic manicure
- Jessica gel polish manicure
- Permanent Jessica nail polish – feet
- Permanent Jessica nail polish – hands
- Paraffin packaging for hands and feet

Cosmetic salon TINA LUX uses the latest achievements in cosmetic technology – the Body studio/8085 machine which combines in itself four very different and effective treatments:
ultrasound, electrotherapy (for maximum results on the body), laser and vacuum. By using  24 different programs with great success we remove various types of imperfections in different layers of the skin: scars, capillaries, stretch marks, cellulite and also strengthen the gluteus, shape the muscles and perform lymphatic drainage.

Using the Face Master DS/7076 apparatus you can in a very short time freshen yourself and rejuvenate your skin color through five different skin care methods which are divided into segments: exfoliation, stimulation, disinfection, rejuvenation, ozone infusion.

TINA LUX cosmetic salon is specialized for the services of professional makeup. We offer you professional makeup services for all types of events and festivities such as weddings, parties, cocktails, birthdays, business meetings and many others. In our work we use only the cosmetics of one of world’s most famous brands – MAC – which provides a broad palette of colors for your perfect appearance.

New in our offer: diamond micro-dermal abrasion. It is a completely pain-free treatment which is efficient in all skin types and achieves the best results when combating blackheads, scars and prominent wrinkles. This treatment, known also as ‘mechanical peeling’ is done via combination of vacuum and probe with a diamond head. This way the surface layer of the skin is ‘scraped’ off which cleans the face, enhances the circulation, reduces pores and removes imperfections like blemishes, freckles and wrinkle, improves skill elasticity, appearance and general condition which will be visibly better after the first procedure and for optimal results we recommend 4-6 treatments which are done once per seven days.  

Oxygen treatment
The ideal way to feed your facial skin is to have an oxygen treatment which gives you the effect of mesiotherapy of the face without the use of artificial materials, fully natural and without prickling. Our skin endures the assaults from various harmful influences like smog, dust and stale air every day. Oxygen treatments introduce clean oxygen into our dermis skin layer. It is also used to help absorb products which are applied to the skin together with oxygen. The most important effects of this type of treatment include: in-depth pore cleaning, improved texture and skin elasticity, reduction in small scars, surface pigmentation and sebume production, improved circulation and cell regeneration.

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Show off your natural beauty with the latest treatments for rejuvenating the face and body skin.


TINA LUX BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
TINA LUX BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
TINA LUX BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
TINA LUX BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
TINA LUX BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
TINA LUX BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
TINA LUX BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
TINA LUX BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
TINA LUX BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd