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Guinot YBC is the place where you can get the best possible skin care and maintain your youthful appearance using French professional cosmetics and the latest achievements in anti-age medicine.

We’d like to highlight our DERMAPEN APPARATUS biological skin stimulation which won the best professional anti-age apparatus award in 2012 at the aesthetic medicine fair in Vegas. It is used for removing wrinkles, freckles ad scars as well as stimulating the natural regeneration processes in the skin. Microtraumas stimulate the release of natural growth factors, migration and proliferation of fibroblast and creating new collagen and elastic fibers. This way we naturally stimulate the regenerative processes of the skin.

Skin booster therapy uses injectible tropocollagen as an innovative way to stimulate fibroblast activity and regenerate the collagen reinforcement of the tissue. At the same time it acts as a protective barrier against free radicals which are the result of the aging process and damage the tissue. Clinical studies have shown that these products compensate the collagen that the tissue loses over the years and also stimulate the cells to produce their own collagen network. The result is that the skin not only recovers its youthful appearance but is also more resistant to damaging factors.

With the help of French professional GUINOT products and our own years of experience we are able to treat all problems and skin conditions but also provide regular care to keep your skin youthful and beautiful.

We were among the first to introduce the latest GUINOT treatment – HYDRADERMY – double ionization that replaces the standard hydradermy. It is a treatment that deeply cleans, hydrates and oxygenizes the facial skin. We are now able to treat the face even more efficiently after just one treatment.

- hydratation levels increas up to 52%
- wrinkles reduced up to  50%
- Irritation and redness lessened up to 20%
- Skin nutrition improved up to 76%.

With the proper selection of products this treatment can be adjusted to every individual client regardless of age or gender.

For persons who require more intensive anti-ageing treatments, GUINOT created LIFT HYDRADERMY – treatment that ensures lymphatic drainage through electrical currents and special electrodes used to stimulate facial muscles while injecting active ingredients in the form of ions in the skin. Depending on the clients’ wishes, this treatment can be done individually or consecutively.

BEAUTE NEUVE is a treatment based on mild fruit acids that causes instant face refreshment and also removes irregularities and stimulates skin cell regeneration. If needed we can do 3-4 treatments within a week. This treatment is also great for younger people who have troubles with scars, acne and excessive sebum. For older people it is combined with other treatments to reduce the depth and length of wrinkles.

LIFTOSOME is a unique treatment for skin tightening and facial contour definition. By combining regenerative and solidifying active materials we inject into deep skin tissues using and extremely pleasant termolift mask.

At our GUINOT salon we also offer ELECTROEPILATION – permanent hair removal from the most delicate areas – swiftly and safely.

Salon is led by Dr Med Jadranka Markovic