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Why hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness that we enter several times every day. Every time we daydream about something pleasant or unpleasant we are in a hypnotic state, except this type of hypnotic state is defined as light hypnosis or waking hypnosis. In therapy, we use an induced hypnosis state which is deeper in order to implant positive ideas into the mind.

During hypnotherapy, a trained expert – hypnotherapist – will help you relax, remove negative emotions and accept new, positive ideas, attitudes and behavior patterns.

Due to the prejudice tied to hypnosis, we should emphasize that the experience of physical and mental relaxation during a session is a pleasant and interesting experience which is completely under your own control.

In the chaos of modern lifestyles, hypnotherapy is pointed out as a psychotherapy method which suits the needs of the modern man because it stands apart from other therapy approaches for its speed, efficiency and permanent changes which happen in a completely safe and natural way.

Our life is very dynamic and we can surely count on the changes that take place faster and faster in modern society.

Frequent and numerous changes in life lead to dealing with some changes easily and efficiently, while others overwhelm us like a massive wave and make us feel helpless and disoriented. Everyone gets by in life any way they can. If you feel like you aren’t coping and think you need help, hypnotherapy is the best thing for you.

Hypnotherapy is an applied psychological method which has been defined as very efficient in treating psychological disorders and negative habits such as:

* Depression
* Anxiety
* Fear
* Panic attacks
* Phobia
* Social anxiety
* Compulsive-obsessive disorder
* Overeating
* Smoking
* Gambling
* Mild drug addiction

If there is a genuine – strong desire and readiness to resolve your psychological, emotional and physiological problems, hypnotherapy is a swift and efficient method with positive results that come up after only several sessions.

Your change is our job!

Aleksandar Jankovic, graduated psychologist, hypnotherapist, NLP Coach