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Works 24h Open on Sundays Wheelchair accessible Delivery Parking

Grill Cirino tree is a family business with a long tradition. We started in 1999 when we opened the grill green tree, and then we moved and open grill trees, and today we are at Goce Delčeva 11a called grill Cirino tree.

Grill Cirino tree differs from others primarily by the quality of the meat, and then by way of preparing meat for barbecue. For making sausage and ground for burgers using top quality meat from the front of the bull, to which is added only 2% salt.

Our meat does not contain additives or any artificial additives, so you can eat as children as the finest consumers to recognize. Procedures for the preparation of meat for three days, because it requires an old recipe for over 80 years. Once we try our specialties from the grill, you will see the unique taste and quality for which we will definitely come again.

Grill Cirino tree also offers services such as delivery and catering grill. Supply company and prepare delicious snacks for all kinds of celebrations, birthdays and other celebrations and to bring you the hot tables. In the preparation of dishes using only charcoal grill.

Burgers, kebabs and other popular dishes from the grill, you can order to go, and you can eat them in our cozy bašti.Sve that you can include to your favorite juice, beer, water ...

We offer:

- Small 100g
- Standard 160gr
- Mega 250gr
- Gourmet (meat, smoked ham, kačkavaj, red paprika, pepper)
- Filled (meat, ham, cheese, beef prosciutto)
- The tree (meat, smoked ham, smoked cheese)
- Giunta (two burgers, smoked cheese)
- Delivery burger

- 5 pieces
- 10 pieces
- Gourmet (meat, cheese, smoked ham)
- Rolled (meat, bacon)
- Delivery kebabs

- OK (4 pieces)
- Super (pork, salt, pepper)

- White
- Filled
- Smoked white
- Smoked ham
- Extra Giunta (two hangers, smoked cheese, barbeque sauce)
- Barikiran neck
- Serbian snikers
- Gourmet difference

- White
- Stuffed white
- Smoked white
- Smoked leg
- Batak
- Stuffed leg
- Delivery of chicken on the grill

French fries
- Mali
- Large
- Seasoned slices

- Guarana (Mojito, Black)
- Beer (badviser on tap)
- Water Prince Miloš
- Aqua Viva (Hydroactive, Recharge)
- Juice up (apple, orange, red berries, multivitamin)
-COC cola
-Fanta Etc..

It is our desire that people come back real food from the grill!

Welcome to the grill Cirino tree, Novi Beograd