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Dental orthotics Belgrade
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Dental center Wisil M is located in New Belgrade. It contains a modernly equipped dental clinic and a dental laboratory. Our collective at Wisil M has seventeen employees. Our Dental center has three dental clinics and the dental laboratory has eighteen workplaces. Wisil M has the largest professional staff and capacities which influences the quality and quantity of services we are able to provide. Our dental laboratory at Wisil M is the only ISO-certified dental laboratory, certified by the ISO 9001:2008 number that confirms our system of quality management.

Our work at our clinic and laboratory is reflected in our cooperation in the principle of “all in one place”.

All the employees have licenses and are continuously improved in our country and abroad and hold numerous certificates. Continuously improving our employees’ skills is a way to keep up with the latest technologies and trends in modern dentistry.


Dental lab services:

CAD CAM – technology is the latest cutting edge technology in producing nonmetal crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays and veneers. By scanning and computerized production we can quickly obtain extremely precise dental substitutes, highly functional and aesthetic (zircon, oxyde, zirconia, alumina, suprinity)

METALCERAMICS – dental laboratory creates all kinds of metal-ceramic dental extensions using the highest quality alloys as well as gold alloys.

DENTAL EXTENSIONS ON IMPLANTS – a special area that’s very represented at our dental laboratory is prosthetic implantology. This area is a modern concept in contemporary prosthetic rehabilitation. Our professional staff are trained in creating all kinds of dental prosthetics on various implantology systems.(Nobel Biocare,Straumann,Ankylos,Astra)

FREZ TECHNIQUE – at the laboratory we make all kinds of dental extensions that demand the application of frez technique. Purpose made frez crowns, cones and telescope crowns as well as installing various attachments are part of our laboratory’s everyday work.

SKELETAL BRACES – making these kinds of extensions includes a large number of complex braces with attachments, cones and telescope crowns as well as making classical skeletal braces.

CLASSICAL BRACES – at our laboratory we make all kinds of classical, partial and total braces. The unique service at this ward includes creating special biological total braces with a new concept of occlusion.

SERVICE – dental laboratory owns a courier service with organized daily schedule of imprint distribution and finished works

At our dental laboratory WISIL M we also organize courses in various areas of dental technology. In the past we have participated in a very productive series of courses in metal-ceramics and non-metal ceramics.


Our professional team at dental clinic Wisil M, along with our consultant-professors from the Dental college in Belgrade offers full dental services in all areas of modern dentistry.

- areas of dental prosthetics
- dental diseases with endodontics
- parodontology and mouth diseases
- oral surgery
- implantology
- jaw orthopedics
- teeth whitening – Brtite Smile
- we do service zircon cutting, the latest scanner and COSMO carving
- biological braces, new occlusion concept with gingivitis individualization
- ceramics GC exclusive
- zircon ceramics, latest scanner – swiftly and precisely to a new smile
- making dental supplements with a cheek arc
- making PSP with an RPI retention system
- We also sell two ceramic furnaces VITA vacuumates 40 as well as used dental technology devices at affordable prices  

Dental clinic Wisil M owns excellent benefits that reflects in affordable prices and swift terms because the prosthetic laboratory is located inside our Wisil M  center.

Our patients can very comfortably finish everything in one place at affordable prices – swiftly and precisely! Pensioners can expect various discounts and benefits!

Teamwork following the principle of “all in one place” saves your time and money!


In creating prosthetic works we use high quality, certified and attested dental materials by best global manufacturers. The uniqueness of our dental clinic is in the specifications of spent materials in creating dental extensions, which guarantees the quality and safety.


Every other week at our clinic we have orthodontic day. On that day the specialist of jaw orthopedics will offer free examinations and consulting. Various problems related to irregularities in the development and growth of the teeth and jaws can be adequately solved by setting an indication and proper therapy.

Also, starting 01/09/2017 we introduced another service which is resident dentist who works at Wisil M every Saturday.

At Dental center Wisil M we organize repairs for various dental braces. Every day between 9AM and 7:30PM and on Saturdays between 9AM – 1PM, you can get these services in the shortest time, which saves precious time for the patients and gives them a sense of confidence knowing they’ll have their braces back practically immediately.

Dental center is ideally organized for dental tourism. During the time their interventions take, our patients reside in the nearby hotel B and the expenses are paid by Wisil center.