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We offer services in the field of general and cosmetic dentistry in a pleasant atmosphere at Marijane Gregoran 25, at Kara. Our friendly team of dentists will make sure that your needs are always in the foreground. We maintain a preventive approach to the care and try to plan therapy is still the best for an individual patient. Each treatment is explained in detail, with all the possible advantages and disadvantages and the patient together with our team to participate in the decision and choice of therapy.

We are of the utmost importance that when we feel safe and comfortable, and although we can not promise that every single intervention would be nice, what we can provide is the full painless during the dental procedures and conditions to relax and relieve the fear of dentists.

We follow world standards in terms of equipment and materials, and in terms of continuous training and monitoring the latest developments in the world of dentistry. Because of all this, we offer a guarantee on all our work so that all of our patients can rest assured knowing that there is no multiple charging for the same work, a single therapy ends when the patient is fully satisfied with the results.

Our goal is to help our patients leave the treatment room with a smile on their faces, a smile that exudes beauty and and is so eye-catching that it will boost confidence and makes you happy.

We can provide services in the field:

- Preventive dentistry
- Cosmetic dentistry
- Dental disease
- Oral surgery
- Dental prosthetics
- Periodontology
- Paediatric Dentistry
- Orthodontics

* Dental check-up is free.

Opening hours of our offices:
Monday - Friday: 12-20 h
Saturday: 10-16 h

Address: Marijane Gregoran 25, Karaburma
Contact phones:
011 / 278-27-63; 064 / 180-66-28