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Dental orthotics Belgrade
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Working hours

Monday 11:30 - 19:30
Tuesday 11:30 - 19:30
Wednesday 11:30 - 19:30
Thursday 11:30 - 19:30
Friday 11:30 - 19:30
Saturday On appointment
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Additional Locations

Donna dent, your own dentist in Vozdovac can be found at 71 Brace Jerkovic street.

Would you like to have the perfect smile and lasting beauty? Our decade of experience is in the service of your health and beauty. Donna dent team includes excellent dentists, specialists in orthodontics and oral surgery.

We continue to perfect our services while using the latest methods and materials of the highest possible quality.

Even though fear of dentists is among the most common phobias, we advise that you don’t let that be a reason to avoid regular checkups and visits.

We guarantee you that you will feel safe and relaxed with our experts in our beautiful and pleasant ambiance and that you will leave the Donna dent clinic with a smile. Meet the Donna dent professional team and see how well our clinic is equipped at our photo gallery.

Top offer – Dentistry

- IMPLANTS – dental implants are the best aesthetic and the most long-term solution of making up for the loss of one or several teeth.
- BRACES – total, partial, visil and orthodontic fixated or mobile braces.
- CROWNS – metal-ceramic and non-metal as well as the highest possible aesthetic effect in dental protetics.
- VENEERS – ceramic facets applied with the minimal filing of only one tooth surface allow for the change in tooth size, form and color.
- TEETH WHITENING – at our clinic or at your home
- TEETH STRAIGHTENING FOIL – an aesthetically acceptable option that is a more comfortable alternative to fixated braces.

Top offer – Aesthetic medicine:

- MESOTHERAPY – mesotherapy for the face, cleavage and hair is the latest rejuvenation treatment that involves injecting hyaluronic acids, vitamin cocktails and active substances into the deep layer of the skin.
- LYPOLISIS AND CELLULITE TREATMENT – melts the fat deposits on the body with in-depth injection of fat burners
- BOTOX – safe and efficient removal and prevention of minimal wrinkles while preserving the natural look of your face.
- HYALURONIC FILLERS – a natural substance that is already present in the skin and used to augment lips and fill in deep wrinkles.

- Composite “white” fillings
- Treating root canal problems
- Metal-ceramic and non-metal crowns as well as all types of dental braces
- Children’s and preventive dentistry
- Orthodontic therapy – fixated and mobile braces and teeth-straightening foil
- Oral-surgical intervention
- Dental implants
- Teeth whitening

- Mesotherapy
- Lypolisis and cellulite removal
- Botox
- Hyaluronic filler