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Dental orthotics Belgrade
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  • Bus: 43, 95, 96, 101, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108
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Welcome to the dental clinic “SigmaDent” in Palilula, Krnjaca - just short of the Pancevo bridge. 

At our clinic, you will meet a team of doctors who specialize in different branches of dentistry as well as aesthetic, non-surgical anti-aging medicine. All the interventions are done in our dental chairs and an extremely pleasant ambiance. Our team of doctors includes three members who will do their utmost to resolve all of your issues quickly and efficiently. While you are sitting in our pleasant waiting room, you or your escort will always be able to find something interesting to read or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. The atmosphere in the clinic was specially designed to make the patients feel relaxed and associate any future visit with us with a positive experience. 



Establishing the correct diagnosis, in addition to a detailed clinical examination, is carried out through the use of modern x-ray diagnostics and intra-oral cameras that allow the patient to see the situation inside their oral cavity and observe the course of treatment. 


All interventions are carried out in compliance with the newest protocols and doctrines of the dental profession and while using the highest quality materials and instruments from the best producers in dentistry. 

  • Restorative interventions - setting fillings using modern composite materials: GC Gradia direct, GC Essentia , 3M;
  • Endodontic interventions - treating dental root canals by applying modern instruments to determine the length of root canal and machine instruments (endomotor and mechanical expanders from the company Fanta Dental) which enable them to efficiently and quickly conduct endodontic interventions 
  • Prosthetic interventions - producing zirconium (non-metal) and metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, facets, combined works, prosthesis, prosthetic extensions on implants in cooperation with the best dental technology laboratories in Belgrade
  • Oral-surgical interventions - treating dental infections, teeth extractions, surgical wisdom teeth removal, apicoectomy, frenectomy 
  • Implantology interventions - implants from two renown brands: Straumann and Neodent (, applying modern bone replacements and collagen membranes ] (Bio Oss and Bio Gide) ( which guarantee the high success rate of surgical, periodontal and implantological procedures. 
  • Periodontal interventions - ultrasonic calculus removal, sandblasting, treatment of periodontal pockets, clinical lengthening of crowns, surgical therapy of periodontal pockets using bone substitutes and membranes
  • Orthodontic interventions - treatment involving shifting the position of teeth using mobile and fixed orthodontic appliances
  • Children's and preventive dentistry - local application of fluoride, filling of fissures, treatment and extraction of milk teeth
  • Teeth whitening - at our office,  your home - vital teeth whitening
  • Non-surgical antiaging interventions - application of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic fillers, mesotherapy, PRP, chemical peels, application of lipolytic cocktails, therapy of increased sweating

Schedule your examination, we are waiting for you! 

SigmaDent Team