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Dental practice Biodent beginning of its work to locate the now distant 1989. Since its establishment is located in New Belgrade in the alley Yuri Gagarin 82-84. Twenty loyalty and trust of patients were built quality, constantly improving our knowledge and equipment. From 2003god. we have expanded and the Stari Grad, at Požarevačka 24, in order to be closer to our patients that this location is accessible.

Specialist team of dentists 9 is a guarantee of conscientious and professional work. Five doctors of dental science, and three master's proof that pay big attention to the latest scientific achievements, and we are respectable medical institution with an exceptional professional and scientific potential.

We are able to provide you schedule a consultative examinations of all other specialists necessary for your successful therapy at home and offices of relevant specialists superb reputation.

In practice Biodent, we provide all dental services for children and adults. Dental treatment, prosthetics and treatment of periodontal disease is carried out on the basis of višegodišenjeg experience and using the latest, but recognized and proven treatment methods.

In twenty years of work Clinics invested a lot of effort, training and love, and for that we are winning the trust of a large number of patients.

- Metal-ceramic crowns
- Non-metal ceramics
- Total partial dentures

Modern techniques and methods represented in everyday practice characteristic of our work. Experienced dentists and dental prosthetics specialists will be there to meet all your requirements.
Metal-ceramic dental restorations, acrylic, partial and complete dentures, denture wizil, ATECMA or telescope systems, only a part of possibilities for your prosthetic rehabilitation.
Making prosthetic restorations on existing teeth or implants done in collaboration with leading dental laboratories in the country and abroad.
Currently the most

Prosthetics of metal ceramics are made from high quality, internationally recognized and proven material with excellent aesthetic results.
To guarantee the quality of the material world's leading manufacturers of materials.

Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry
-Work With children of all ages

The importance of preserving the health of your mouth and teeth is one of our most important goals. That's why we hired some of the best children's dentists to use their knowledge, skills and many years of clinical practice, improve and maintain the health of children.

Our prevention program is not measured by the number of filled teeth but the number of healthy teeth that we preserve and positive changes in oral hygiene habits, diet and attitude towards dental treatment.

State of the art methods to protect the teeth and the training of parents and children in order to contribute to the communities themselves what purpose ?? mean ?? give significant results to the satisfaction of children, parents or us.


- Fixed and mobile devices
- Films
- Inman braces

INMAN dentures are modern orthodontic therapy is suitable for patients who can not carry a fixed orthodontic appliances.

This is a reliable therapy for mild orthodontic anomalies.

Inman aligner is used to correct the rotation and overlapping dental arches in front of children and adults.
Inman aligner uses nitinolske springs to give constant gentle thrust that makes the camera much more comfortable to wear of the standard appliances with steel springs.

The basic model consists of lingual component using these springs moves like a piston and labial component that performs thrust in the opposite direction.
A uniform, continuous, gentle thrust device settings during therapy are practically unnecessary, because the appliance is manufactured with the limit of movement components, pressure points on the teeth and the strength of the spring force.
In most cases, therapy lasts 12 to 16 weeks. The appliance is worn 10 to 16 hours a day. This device can be applied in many cases, a component can be combined with a number of standard orthodontic appliances.

Oral surgery

Periodontal therapy

Doctors in dental practice Biodent pay special attention to the state of health of your periodontal tissue (parodontium). Gingivitis and parodontopija that follows from it is the second most common disease of the mouth and teeth (caries after), so that the full recovery of the oral cavity involves the treatment of these diseases. In addition, chronic infection of the gums can seriously affect the general health and have a role in the initiation of atherosclerosis, diabetes, pregnancy lead to premature birth of a child less of body weight, as well as a number of other systemic diseases. Specialists from the practice of periodontics Biodent will examine, determine the true state of your periodontal disease, and shall take all necessary measures to improve the situation.
We provide services for the removal of pathological deposits from teeth, tartar, pigmentation using the ultrasound device, a basic therapy parodontopije, and if necessary we can opt to go ?? and surgical treatment of diseases, with modern materials to regenerate bone and other parts of the supporting tissue of the tooth. Be sure you will be trained on how to properly maintain your oral hygiene
In practice Biodent have experience in the surgical treatment of overlapping exposed root of the tooth and the elimination of unfavorable attitude of hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

We also provide the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and changes in soft tissue mouth (tongue, cheeks), which is increasingly common in modern man.

Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism in BIODENT becoming increasingly popular form of treatment and beautification of the teeth, to decide which many patients from other cities, but also from abroad.

The main reason for opting for Biodent when it comes to dental tourism, the quality dental services at incomparably lower prices than those in other cities and countries.

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