Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 38a Spanskih boraca st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/3133-483, 063/818-33-69

4/ 5stars

Specialist Dental Practice Dr. Sanja Popovic was founded in 2004 in Belgrade.

Clinic offers free first examination and affordable dental services in the area:
- Preventive and children's dentistry (care of baby teeth and dental sealants)
- Orthodontics (straightening teeth fixed and removable orthodontic appliances)
- Prosthetics (making ceramic and all-ceramic crowns, partial and complete dentures)
- Oral surgery and periodontics (all operations in the oral cavity)
- Cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening)

Opening hours the office is a working day from 14h-21h.

Out of hours by appointment.

Phone office: 011/3133-483
Mobile phone: 063/8183-369

The founder and owner of the practice, Dr. Sanja Popovic, a specialist in periodontics and orthodontics.