Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 117/3 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/6412-865, 063/777-2466

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Practice "Dušić", ul. Boulevard of King Alexander 117 floor, flat 3rd

Owner Clinics Dr. Violeta Dušić, specialist in orthodontics.

In a pleasant environment, with the use of modern materials and methods provides dental services the whole of your family in the best way possible at affordable prices.
A visit to the dentist does not have to be traumatic, but it can be a pleasant experience. We are trying to dispel the fear of dental interventions, which is especially important when it comes to children. Each patient was devoted enough time. The patient meet with a detailed description of the treatment plan and the process of therapy. All services are performed under conditions of strict sterilization and disinfection.

We provide services in the following areas:

• Children Preventive Dentistry
• Orthodontics (straightening treatment position of the teeth and jaw fixed and mobile devices with metal braces or cosmetic)
• Cosmetic Dentistry (whitening of teeth, veneers - vinirera)
• Diseases of the teeth (treatment and tooth fillings aesthetic materials)
• Prosthodontics (dentures, metal ceramic and all-ceramic crowns and bridges)
• Periodontics (conservative and surgical methods of treatment of periodontal disease)
• Oral surgery (routine, complicated surgical tooth extraction)

The first review and first aid free of charge. Working hours is from 13 - 19h.

Be sure the telephone scheduling, except in cases of pointing first aid in painful conditions.

There is the option of scheduling examinations and interventions outside working hours.

Phone numbers for appointments: 011 6412 865 and 063 777 24 66

"There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.
Have you remembered for the smile. "