Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 19 Antifasisticke borbe st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 064/444-3060, 064/5810-795 (hitne intervencije)

4.5/ 5stars

Dental practice Dental Step is located in New Belgrade near the Belgrade Arena, Hotel IN, restaurants Novak and seats a large number of companies and banks, as well as near the highway E-75, which is easily accessible to a large number of patients.

In our modernly equipped dental office, using quality materials, years of experience, patience and kindness of our doctors Stepan Stepanovića, each of your dental problems can be solved completely painlessly and in accordance with the highest aesthetic standards. Every patient is treated individually with maximum care, and thanks to the monitoring of contemporary trends and continuous professional development, we provide you with superior service.

In the pleasant atmosphere of our surgery we provide dental services in the following areas:

1. dental disease (caries lesions remediation and disposal of aesthetic dental fillings, composite construction of teeth, root canal treatment).
2. dental prosthetics (metal-and-ceramic crowns, full and partial plate prosthesis, dentures and dentures on implants).
3. periodontics (the removal of tartar and soft deposits from teeth, treatment of periodontal pockets, surgical periodontal therapy).
4. oral surgery and implantology (routine and complicated extractions, removal of impacted third molars and canines, abscess incision and implant)
5. aesthetic dentistry (whitening vital and non-vital teeth, composite and ceramic veneers, setting jewelry for your teeth - zircon)
6. orthodontics (fixed and mobile braces).
7. pediatric and preventive dentistry (removal of soft and hard deposits and training in oral hygiene, rehabilitation of carious lesions and disposal of milk teeth extraction of deciduous teeth, fissure sealing and application of concentrated fluoride).

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19 Antifasisticke borbe street, shop 71
New Belgrade
Phone: +381 64 444 3060 ">email

How to get there?

In addition to your own transport to reach us, and with public transport
Line 17, 67 - station "Block 25"
Line 68 Antifasisticke brigade stop
Lines 18, 74, 88, 601 - station "Beogradska Arena" / Anti-fascist /
Lines 16, 65, 68, 71, 72, 75, 77, 78, 83, 84 - station "Palace of Serbia"
Line 7, 9, 11 station "Sava Center"

Working time:
- Monday-Friday 10h-20h
- Saturday 10h-15h
- Sundays and other periods where necessary and in accordance with the agreement with the patient.

At the time of hectic city life, we are aware that many of you are not able to visit us as part of normal business hours. To your convenience, we provide you with scheduling and working hours, both before and after the same, a negotiated and Sundays, so we turn to the telephone number 064 / 444-3060 and make an appointment at a time when most convenient for you.

We are available to you, and in emergencies. Please tell us in an emergency contact on a mobile phone no. + 381 64 5810 795