Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 44 Arcibalda Rajsa st., Filmski grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/2380-511, 063/639-369, 065/308-1078
E-mail: yassa2122@yahoo.com

4.5/ 5stars

Complete dentistry for your beautiful and healthy smile!

We offer all the services and dental:
- Repairs and dental treatment
- Aesthetic white fillings 1800/2200 din.
- Ceramic crowns and bridges 70e per crown
- Complete dentures 220e
  - Partial dentures 200e
- Vizil prosthesis 300e
- Braces (fixed prosthesis) 500
- Children's moving apparatus 200e
- Tooth extraction 1500 din., Complicated extraction din 3000.
- Pediatric Dentistry
- Outpatient and house teeth whitening

Free Consultation and Review!

We have our parking on the ground floor we have and are suitable for work with the disabled.

OPENING HOURS: - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
                                  10-15h Dr Jelena Aksic
                                  15-20H Dr Bojana Radevic

                       - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
                                  10-15h Dr Bojana Radevic
                                  15-20H Dr Jelena Aksic

  Phone: 011 / 2380-511 063 / 639-369 064 / 293-00-34