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Dental surgery Belgrade
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We are in Belville in New Belgrade , in the house lilac.

In a pleasant and modern interior , using modern technology and materials , a team of experts in all fields of dentistry is trying to take care of the health of your mouth and teeth and the beauty of your smile .

Individual approach , multidisciplinary approach and commitment to the profession , we have gained the trust of many patients.

Taking into account your needs and your health status , previous experience in dental offices , fears and prejudices , we will try to provide you with an overview and treatment adjusted exclusively to you .

Visit us on the dates you desire and with a free dental examination , consult with our doctors about how to make your smile becomes and remains dazzling .

Services available to us :

Preventive dentistry

- Conservative Dentistry

- Cosmetic Dentistry

- Prosthodontics

- Oral Surgery

- Periodontics

Orthodontics - jaw

- Pediatric Dentistry

- Implantation

preventive Dentistry

It is very important to develop the habit of regular visits to the dentist. Control examinations twice a year , if your dentist does not advise otherwise , it is possible to prevent almost all oral diseases or detect them in the early stages and start appropriate therapy .

In our office , you can do a complete dental examination , consultation with medical specialists all areas of dentistry , and explains in detail the plan of treatment , tailored to your needs.

Tooth decay and preventing its occurrence , regardless of the year invested in research , yet is nowhere near solved , and it is still a serious public health problem that is worldwide extensively with experts in this area. The main problem of its effective prevention is that it is a multifactorial disease , that is , a number of different factors influence on its appearance , and because of the nature of the disease itself is not possible to apply the treatment and prevention of just a single agent . Individualization of each patient and the individual assessment of the risk of developing caries can facilitate and improve our preventive actions and efforts . Of course , the major impact may have a different objective problems and disadvantages that an individual can additionally complicate the preservation of oral health .

conservative dentistry

The branch of dentistry that deals with minimally invasive methods of rehabilitation of your caries ruined teeth .

Cosmetic Dentistry

In the modern world, a beautiful smile is a must , and it means , above all , healthy teeth and gums.

In addition to being healthy , the teeth should be shapely , regular and satisfactory color to your smile was irresistible .

If you have been endowed by nature beautiful smile , we're here to provide you advice and professional care that that help and stay, but if you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth , visit us and our doctors consider some of the therapeutic methods that will meet your aesthetic requirements , and at the same time will not compromise your health .


It's hard to have a nice smile when your teeth are damaged or do some of them are missing. In addition to aesthetic flaws compromised the function of the entire orofacial system. Difficulty chewing , speaking, breathing and swallowing. Due to missing teeth , the remaining teeth may loosen or move by empty space , which further jeopardizes the whole system and makes it difficult to later install prosthetic crowns. Longer term it can lead to loss of the jawbone , the disturbance intermaxillary relations , as well as disturbances in the jaw joint .

oral Surgery

Oral surgery deals with surgical treatment and disposal of hard and soft tissues of the oral duplje.Obzirom that it najinvazivnija branch of dentistry requires special access , knowledge and commitment , as doctors and patients .

In order to provide the highest quality services , our doctors offices trying to establish a detailed review of the indications for surgical treatment , make the required presurgical preparation and then provide you with a consultation and treatment by top experts in the field.

If we are not on possibilities to provide you with the most appropriate method of treatment , we refer you to an institution at a higher level of health .

We will try to let you detailed instructions in the principle and method of surgical treatment , explain the benefits and possible risks and do your best to treat your lapse with less discomfort and complications .


A large number of people suffering from a disease of the supporting apparatus of teeth , called periodontal disease , and most of them do not even zna.Simptomi include bleeding , bad breath and sore and swollen gums.

The disease first appears on the right edge and progressing toward the deeper tissues of the periodontium and jaw - bone. Between teeth and bones are created spaces that are called periodontal pockets , which eventually become deeper , trapping food and aggravating cleaning , which favors the growth of bacteria, deepening the disease .

If the disease is left untreated , large defects in bone will lead to the loosening and falling of the teeth. The disease isis a progressive , long persisted with mild symptoms , and this is the reason of the late occurrence of the dentist .

Regular checks and advice of your dentist , with a proper diet and oral hygiene can prevent the occurrence of the disease , or , if it already exists , it is proper treatment to treat it and stop .


The mechanism of orthodontic treatment is based on the possibility of moving teeth orthodontic appliances without adverse consequences to the tooth and , above all , able to adapt to the bone effects of various forces , ie . responsive to the pressure in the decomposition of the coupling formation of new bone .

Irretrievably lost tooth does not have to mean the end of your radiant smile . Dental implants are the most advanced dental fees in full.

The procedure of appointment of dental implants is very simple and requires no special postoperative treatment . The time between treatment setting dental implants and treatment final production of crowns of teeth can be filled with some transitional prosthetic solution .
Pediatric Dentistry

It's never too early to bring your child with you to meet us .

Our approach to children includes a wide range of different techniques to solve any problem and prevent its consequences .

First of all , we try to relieve fears children and teach them that , with our help and support parents keep their teeth .

Particular attention is paid to prevention in children , because we have proven that with a little effort , you can save completely healthy teeth and prevent the greatest number of orthodontic problems .

Views and all preventive measures are completely painless , the child will relax in a friendly environment to learn to trust lekaru.Redovnim controls all problems can be detected in time , so that any intervention will be minimal, a child will accept them without difficulty .

Together we will teach your child to take care of your health , which guarantees the beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime .


The implants are made of plasma treated titanium, a material that is biocompatible with the tissues of our body and it is not recognized as a foreign body , which means that there is no possibility of rejection of the implant as a foreign body.

Due to their biocompatibility , the implants of the new generation integrate with bone tissue. In this way a sense , the appearance and functionality of a real tooth .

The implant replaces the root of a natural tooth , it is fixed to the superstructure , which replaces the abraded stump , on which cemented crown or bridge.

The implant may be the solution with the lack of one or more teeth .

Advantages enjoyed by patients with dental implants are multiple. None of dentures can create a feeling of comfort and natural teeth that gives the dental implant . Due to superb functionality , nutrition patients with implants will be exactly the same as with natural teeth , and therefore that the patient is completely sure of himself and confident .