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Doctors at our clinic in cooperation with specialists in orthodontics, oral surgery and implantology form a team that offers an individual approach to each patient providing the best quality service and excellent work that achieves a perfect smile and excellent functionality work. We are located in Republic Street  at No.4 in Cukarica in Belgrade.

With patience and care, we try to accommodate every patient and leave behind only a beautiful and painless experience.
After many years of experience we are proud of the large number of satisfied patients who have preserved oral health and smile back on your face. I continue to strive to maintain our reputation and the trust of our patients.

Services that are available in Eurodent dental office are:
1) Implantology
Implants performed by our team with years of experience in working with Straumann implants can provide significant more comfortable prosthetic solutions. An implant is a substitute for a tooth root in the bone and thus has a shape and size of the tooth root. Thanks to dental implants and their linkage with the surrounding bone tissue, it is possible to replace the prosthetic restorations single tooth, a group of teeth, or have a support for a bridge or prosthesis to replace all the teeth in the jaw.

- augmentation

Large individual tooth tissue loss or lack of one or more teeth require prosthetic reconstruction. Such reconstruction biggest challenge for each dentist, because the aim to reconstruct lost tissue and / or teeth in the aesthetic and functional unit as more ideal smile.
- MOBILE prosthodontic
- Crowns

3) Orthodontics
Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and correction of irregularities in the position of the teeth and surrounding structures. For orthodontic treatment there's no age restriction, but therapy for adults takes longer than in children. The ideal age for orthodontic treatment for children from 8-15 years, because the therapeutic possibilities in children during puberty higher than in patients with completed growth.

In addition to a beautiful smile, orthodontic treatment will contribute to harmonious layout of profile, to proper chewing, speech improvement, better oral hygiene and reducing the possibility of occurrence of caries and periodontal disease development.
- Mobile orthodontic braces
- Fixed orthodontic appliances

Oral surgery deals with surgery and care of hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Given that this is the most invasive dental discipline, requires a special approach, knowledge and commitment, both doctors and patients.
- impaction
- frenulectomy
- Leveling of the alveolar ridge
- Plastics of maxiolary sinuses

Periodontology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting apparatus of teeth and gum (gingiva). Periodontal diseases are now the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Warning signs that, if not treated in time, can lead to deterioration of the surrounding bone and tooth loss are swollen, red gums, bleeding, bad breath, loose teeth light. Periodontal disease is primarily the result of inadequate dental hygiene. The main cause of the disease are bacteria that are found in dental plaque and tartar.
- Ultrasonic cleaning of tartar

The ultimate goal of conservative dentistry are healthy, beautiful and functional teeth. Conservative dentistry is the foundation of dentistry and is based on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental caries.
Tooth decay is an infection caused by bacteria present in the oral cavity and remnants of food. Eating bacteria consume food (sucrose), and as a result of this process produce acids that reduce the pH value of the tooth. Acids in such cases damage tooth enamel, creating cavities. Then the dentist cleans the area where the tooth decay to the healthy part of the tooth. The surface area of cavities are removed by fluorine, and the deeper the lens mechanically, or removed by a dental drill. After removing the tooth decay must meet the appropriate filling. Restore can be jednoplošni, dvoplošni or triflates, depending on the size of cavities.
- Composite fillings

Cosmetic dentistry includes a collection of various dental treatments that aim to improve the appearance of teeth, gums, and therefore the entire smile. Yellowed teeth, a false teeth, damaged or irregular teeth, using modern methods offered by aesthetic dentistry, the time may become glossy, beautifully designed, correct and perfect white teeth. It is advised to have these interventions which are without discomfort and pain, and over there is really no reason to postpone the beautification of teeth.

- Ceramic veneers
- Ceramic crowns

Non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate the skin and aesthetics are simple, safe and painless, lasts 15 to 30 minutes after which the patient can return to his daily routine. Achieves the effect of tension, vigor and hydration. The skin becomes smooth and restores the youthful facial structure.
- Hyaluronic fillers
- PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin)

Dental practice EURODENT, Republican street No. 4, 11000 Belgrade.
Working time:
- Mon-Wed-Fri: 09:00 to 14:00
- Mon-Thu: 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
- Sub: 09:00 - 13:00

Practice 011 / 250-91-72
Dr Jasna 063 / 891-05-47
Dr Anja 065 / 801-02-41
Dr Marko 063 / 20-73-59
You are able to make an appointment outside working hours.