Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 63a Bulevar oslobodjenja st., Autokomanda
Belgrade Phone: 011/2441-021, 063/81-81-310

4.5/ 5stars

Film in digital ortho-Ro ... Expand your horizons ... Challenge your perspective ...
Based on decades of experience, we do take: - individual and all teeth, - and the fork, - sinus and jaw - joints
Orthopantomography and telerendgenografija. Record: - nasal bone, - third tonsil, - shoulder - head - cervical spine - elbow, - wrist - hand. Details about us visit
In a pleasant atmosphere ..., the most kind, efficient, professional staff in only ten minutes shall provide all the necessary service, superior digital technology in order to be more precise, clearer and more detailed diagnosis and thus successful treatment. Given the much wider range of images that allows us to kind of digital radiography and computer analysis of the recordings, the modern digital access became a reality in our country.
X-ray is indispensable auxiliary diagnostic tool for the medical and dental benefits for decades.
We are located in the Boulevard of Liberation (JNA) 63a, across the Veterinary School, restaurants, "France", near the park and Karadjordje autocommands.
To all other parts of the city GSP-line and which lead to us: - trams 9, 10, 14 - Buses: 30, 31, 33, 42, 47, 48, 59, 78, 17, 18, 46, 55
For additional information, please visit our website or by telephone 011 244 10 21, 063 81 81 310