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Detective agencies Belgrade
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Detective agency ANONIMUS from Belgrade provides detective services and works in a private security sector in the territory of Serbia and abroad. We offer all kinds of professional detective services to individuals and companies and have a high quality reliable network of associates and clients in Serbia and abroad. Professional. Discreet. Efficient. More on our agency and services below:

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Private detective

Family protection and help

Polygraph testing

Search for missing persons

Checking record information

"Bug sweep" and counter espionage

"Honey trap"

Business investigations

Fraud-related investigations

Property search

Tracking and locating debtors

Assistance in legal processes

Electronic espionage and surveillance

Digital and mobile forensics

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Detective agency Anonimus

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We would hereby like to present to you a special web page which is an excellent and exclusive opportunity for all our present and future clients to attend or participate in the highest quality polygraph testing in Serbia. We are the only holders of a globally acknowledged license in Serbia for this service. Polygraph testing now in Serbia following the highest global standards and utilizing never before seen technologies in our country. We have a partnership with the global and American polygraph association.

Exclusive in the first and only true polygraph center in Serbia. Visit our page at: