Doctor Belgrade

Address: 150a Pozeska st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 011/7543-111, 063/8083-843

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Internal medicine Belgrade

Office Hours:
Weekdays 09-18h, Saturdays 09-13h

Internal office Lotte Medic is located in Belgrade, on Ban the hill on the main street (Pozeska 150a) and is easy to get to the office.
The consultants are eminent specialists (professors, assistant professors) from the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases "Centar", and Clinical Center of Serbia.

Practice provides the ability to perform all specialist examinations, for example:
- Cardiology and vascular medicine
- gastroenterology
- endocrinology
- Thoracic
- rheumatology
- nephrology
- And other specialties

In addition, surgery offers the possibility of performing the following services (diagnostic procedures):

- Doppler heart
- Doppler blood vessels (head and neck, stomach-aortic, arm, leg, renal artery)
- Complete ultrasound (including the abdomen, thyroid, etc.).
- 24-h Holter ECG monitoring
- 24-h Holter monitoring of blood pressure
- Load test failure (ergometry)
- Spirometry testing
- Colonoscopy
- Gastroscopy

There is the possibility of free telephone consultation with a doctor of 09-18h.

Check is usually possible to fail in the same day, when preparations for the diagnosis does not require otherwise.

We hope that you will come out satisfied with every aspect of our practice.