Doctor Belgrade

Belgrade Phone: 011/3613-575, 3617-928, 063/285-295
Fax: 011/3065-619
E-mail: mbgamma@gmail.com
Website: www.mbgamma.rs

4.5/ 5stars

MB GAMMA TRADE is a highly specialized medical center for the area occular plastic and reconstructive surgery and ocular and maxillo-facial prosthetics. TRADE-MB GAMMA GAMMA MEDICINE, MEDICAL EYE PROSTHETICS is the only specialized medical institution where these medical specialists and technicians ocularist, using the latest technology, provide the overall design and installation of the treatment of ocular prosthesis for each patient individually. Our team of medical specialists also conduct a complete treatment in occular plastic surgery, congenital and acquired anomalies of the orbital region, which makes this office unique in this part of Europe. The expert team consists of specialists in ophthalmology and otolaryngology, prosthetic technicians and academic painters. We emphasize quality functional and aesthetic results in the treatment of congenital and acquired anoftalmusa in children.