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Physical medicine and rehabilitation Dr Vergaš

Specialist Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Vergaš

Professional and comprehensive , high quality, cheap , comfortable ...
Clinic is led by Dr. Milan Vergaš specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation with many years of experience in this field , and the rest of the team are three doctors , physical and technicians .
We deal with:
- Treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases
- Treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine , hips , knees and other joints
- Treatment of paresis and paralysis of the facial nerve and other peripheral nerve
- Rehabilitation of patients after stroke
- Treatment of injuries : contusions , distortions , hematoma , rupture of muscles and tendons ...
- Rehabilitation after orthopedic treatment and surgery
- Vežbačkim programs for children and adults
- QUICK REMOVAL acute pain
- The treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children

Physical therapy procedures :
- Electrotherapy : TENS , dijadinamik , interference currents , galvanic current , elektromišićna stimulation
- Ultrasound therapy
- Thermotherapy / lamps and paraffin / and cryotherapy
- Laser therapy and polarized light
- Magnetic / meaningful for osteoporosis and fracture healing /
- Ozone pearl baths
- Kinetic therapy ( individual exercises for children and adults)
- Kinesio taping
- Vakusak therapy ( wide field of application - treatment of the consequences of atherosclerosis , smoking foot , diabetic foot , lymphedema , swelling, varicose veins , and capillaries , poor circulation , healing of wounds, ulcers krurisa , sports injuries , Sudek dystrophy , gout , rheumatism , obesity , osteoporosis . .. )
- SPINE TRACTION on traction table

We also have a hall for training  where possible and exercise in groups as follows:
- Children ( from general preventive exercises to exercises directed against the structural changes in the feet, spine , chest ...
- Adults ( exercise against osteoporosis , degenerative rheumatism and others . Aerobic exercises to take place in the daytime and evening )
Vežbački programs are available to all generations , and we are especially proud to work with children and achieved excellent results in the prevention and treatment of spinal deformities , poor posture , flat feet ...
Our customers is very important to note that during the performance of physical therapy, the general condition of the patients regularly monitored ( measurement of blood pressure , ECG ... ) and that the doctor is always available for questions and advice as deemed necessary for the success of treatment.
Particular attention is directed at prevention work : detection of deformities and diseases , monitoring the health of patients is necessary ( rheumatism , conditions after prolonged rehabilitation , deformities ...) and for these reasons and scheduled check-ups , and we did our best and in these circumstances and our services are as cheap :
- A medical examination in 1000 Mr.
- Complete daily therapy 1000 din
- Vakusak therapy of 900 to 1200 RSD
- Exercises in the hall for children on a monthly basis in 1500 Mr.
The reviews may be performed in the office and apartment of the patient , as well as physical therapy .

Medical examinations are scheduled at 011/3328870, 011/3321138, 063/377-459