Driving schools Belgrade

Address: 189/20 Ustanicka st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/288-77-48, 063/422-124
Website: www.autoskolagas.co.rs

4/ 5stars

Driving school GAS has already existed for 6 years. We employ instructors from once the biggest driving school in Serbia, which trained circa one million drivers. The complete training for drivers contain aside from the theoretic part, the mandatory 40 practical driving lessons. The theoretic part is taken in the classroom, where it is also studied (Shopping mall Konjarnik, store no 20). The practical part is learned and showed nearby, on the licensed training ground. The consequence of the mandatory theoretical lessons is the high percentage of candidates that passed the theoretic part test. For the five years of our existence, through our school passed several thousands candidates. At affordable prices, we also offer the possibility of paying in several monthly payments.