Dry-cleaning Belgrade

Address: 22 Zapljanjska st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2497-437, 069/2497-437, 063/8231-231

4.5/ 5stars


- Modern and Contemporary Ecological EXPRESS DRY CLEANING
- Laundry and ironing
- Textile dyeing (fabric ) and leather using the latest technology
- Specialized shop CLEANING for leather jackets and fur coats FROM NATURAL FUR
- Tailor's service, repair and overhaul of clothing at affordable prices
- NEW technologies in the work with the latest computer- MACHINES
- Bacteriological permanent disinfection
- Experienced and trained staff GUARANTEE FOR QUALITY
- Continuous promotions
- Discounts for different quantities of goods ( 10 %, 20 % and 30 % )
- Membership of regular clients and regular discount 10 %
- Dry cleaning, laundry and ironing LET real professionalst take care of everything
- Free transport of goods. Your valuable time that you spent in the transport of goods used for your other nicer ACTIVITIES

The shop is located in the municipality of New Belgrade, at 22 Zaplanjska street, in Belgrade .

Professional, modern and contemporary shop with tradition . It was founded in 1999. The experienced trained team, with the aim of satisfying customers for the highest vision of perfect and exquisite taste who appreciate quality .

We follow the new technologies .

We respect the work procedures for quality using the latest environmental machine with computer control .

Using the most advanced high- proven means for dry and wet cleaning .

Bacteriological disinfection of clothing during operation .

Permanent disinfection apparatus for washing , drying and ironing for maximum purity.

Our shop offers the service of washing and ironing the highest form its perfect at work. The possibility of a dry cleaning and laundry in the machine separately only your goods . Classic money risk that clothing is damaged , so the colors and fabrics. Meticulous long experience we can guarantee the quality of our services that you trust us .

Trained and experienced personnel with years of experience is a guarantee for the quality of the work and the new variety and the latest fabrics.

The needs and requirements of clients in the first place !

Satisfied customer is always the best recommendation . Show us your trust , become one of thousands of them !

Efficient service , quality work , affordable prices and customer satisfaction are our main asset and the biggest motivation .

Our shop specializes in working leather jackets and coats made of natural fur with modern means. As professionals in their work 'll take care of that special cleaning under computer control as well as special funds to your leather jackets and fur coats fur back perfect purity and natural-looking glow with all guarantees .

Special , customized rates and deferred payments for all entities :

- hotels
- hostels
- Motels
- Sports clubs
- Spas
- Fitness center
- Restaurants and other catering establishments

Information Phone: 011/2497-437

Office Hours:
- Weekdays 08 - 20h
- Saturday 08 - 15h
- Closed on Sundays