Electro services Belgrade

Address: 105 Pozeska st. (2 Trebevicka st.), Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/3550-684, 063/34-59-69
E-mail: topmotorbg@gmail.com

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TOP MOTOR service is a specialized provider of engine tuning services - rewinding of all types of electrical motors and service related equipment. The service was established in 2000 but behind us we have decades of experience in electromechanics and power industry. We hereby inform you about our service and we offer business and technical cooperation in this field, and this applies to TUNING and servicing: - three-phase and single phase electric motors from 0-90 KW (NORTH, DO KONCAR, ELEKTROKOVINA, etc.). - DC electric motors, circulation pumps for hot and cold water - submersible pumps for clean water and muddy (FLYGHT, Will, NORTH) - engines of lifts - electromagnetic brake - Hand tools (HILTI, BOSCH, ISKRA, MAKITA, BLACK & DECKER) - Forward all kinds of transformers, chargers, converters, and making them to order - We also supply new electric motors and related equipment - manufacture of electrical cabinets, service automation and service of automated production processes - electronic regulation and control systems, inverters - inverters, frequency converters, etc.. For additional information and further negotiations, please contact us by phone: 011/3550-684 063/345-969 or e-mail: topmotorbg@gmail.com