ENT Belgrade

Address: 37 Dobracina st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/2626-261, fax: 2622-777, 065/2622-777
E-mail: info@orlcentar.rs
Website: www.orlcentar.rs

4.5/ 5stars

ORL CENTER is a specialist practice dealing with a complete diagnosis and treatment of ORL both in children and adults. We specialize in treating hearing loss, acute deafness, tinnitus, dizziness, from ORL diseases in children we treat allergies. We are the only private otorhinolaryngologic practice with licensed physician to see the flight crew (pilots, flight attendants, sport pilots, air traffic controllers) of JAR-FCL 3
Founder and owner of the practice is Dr. Marija Komadina Vukovic ENT - audiologist and otolaryngologist Aviation medicine specialist with years of experience acquired in the ENT Clinic Medical Academy and Institute Vazduhoplovnomedicinskom MMA authorized physician for flight crew examinations. Our staff is highly trained and dedicated to the patient, and our professional staff is a good partner of the patients, dedicated to solving problems. We are working on continuous improvement of services and mutual benefit doctors and patients. Our skill is there to heal and the spirit to care about you.
Specialist otorhinolaryngologic surgery, ENT Center is a medical institution registered for carrying out diagnostic and therapeutic medical activities in otorhinolaryngology. The office is designed by the architectural criteria of today\\\'s medical institutions of this type, as a whole is a computer connected with a central storage, preservation ii protection of all medical data, computer composition for the operationalization of the institution. ENT CENTER has the most modern sophisticated medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment of ORL diseases. Data: 37 Dobracina st. 11000 Belgrade Serbia Phones Tel: +381 11 2626261 tel / fax: +381 11 2622777 www.orlcentar.rs info@orlcentar.rs