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Ethno restaurants Belgrade
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With Serbian meadows coming products are forerunners of our present-day " fast food " . Nature of work of farmers requesting the preparation of food in the form of " pack it and bring into the field ."

Meal to maintain their strength throughout the day was easily pripremljiv and easily portable , long-lasting , tasty and healthy . As the shepherds did not return before sunset , lunch order in the nature of a delicious smoked ham coated bun with cheese and gravy enriched in deep shade , leaning on a tree .

Domestic restaurants " Djuričić " After ten years of work initiated by the first and currently the only brand of authentic Serbian fast food - " Cobanov vacation " and created a new recognizable name in order to support Serbia and its traditional products .

Right from the rich landscapes of western Serbia that make Tara , Zlatibor and Povlen " Cobanov holiday " today revived the tradition of preparing the cream, cheese , ham , roast meat and other specialties and products offered steady quality and unique taste. Our concept of natural and quality food is for everyone, especially the younger urban generation that wants to maintain contact with their Serbian roots. Traditional food of our grandparents is prepared and packaged for easy use , and the modern and functional packaging preserves the taste and quality of food .

In ČOBANOV vacation you will enjoy the village atmosphere of traditional chalets Western Serbia and it will serve you staff dressed in Serbian folk costumes .

Authentic Serbian fast food through free delivery available in all parts of the city every day from 09am - 11pm.

With many companies maintain excellent cooperation in organizing meals for their workers .

We offer " Čobanov holiday" is specifically designed organization catering to the traditional spirit of the promotion , cocktail parties and cultural events.

Menu " Čobanov rest " of Belgrade and offers their guests an authentic Serbian fast food. With Serbian meadow comes healthy and natural food , produced in a traditional way in ecologically clean conditions.
Shepherds to the flock , feed meals that are easy to store and carry . Just such an authentic Serbian fast food, you can try to " ČOBANOV vacation ." Traditional food of our grandparents is prepared and packaged for easy use , and the modern and functional packaging preserves the taste and quality.

The menu " Čobanov holiday" is a famous set of flat bread , flat bread with homemade cream and cheese , Uzice ham , pork cracklings and Suzuki, then 5 types of rolled roasts , lamb cabbage roll , beans , lamb and veal soup , cabbage rolls , a variety of meatless dishes and homemade cakes .

A special advantage of our food is in its origin as coming from rural households , the Serbian mountains , whose rich and unique nature is still preserved by the high pollution and economic exploitation .

Contributes to healthy food prepared in a traditional way. In " ČOBANOV holiday " used fresh foods , which by their nature can not contain any artificial additives . Food is prepared on site , cooked meals are prepared daily, and prepare baking , keeping old recipes , the brick oven in the earth Peckham , on beech wood .

Be a part of our satisfied customers.


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