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If you live in Pozeska street or you passed the address number 37 at any point, you might've observed an interesting phenomenon.

It's a crazy event for sure, but it has an excellent explanation. At 37 Pozeska street is where you'll find our "Blesavi cevap".

What goes on in there and why will we become your favorite place after your first visit?

Imagine the following: that an experienced grill master one day decided to gather all the best from recipes for Sarajevo-Banja Luka and Leskovac cevaps and bring it together in a super-cevap recipe. That's exactly what we managed to do in our establishment.

A group of enthusiasts for Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Leskovac cevaps has invested their heart, souls and years of experience as well as a lot of skill into creating something totally new.

By taking only the best from our favorite types of cevap, we have created a new and unique product - BLESAVI CEVAP.

Ranging from the flavor to the size of the servings BLESAVI CEVAP is an experience you won't forget or ever want to give up. You can start with our 'smaller' 6-cevap serving, but we know you'll soon graduate to the larger 12-cevap serving.

Of course, even though to us cevaps are above all else, we have more tricks up our sleeve. Our grill masters also prepare excellent patties, chicken, mangalica sausage, interesting breakfasts and much more.

Bon appetite!



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