Folk dance ensembles Belgrade

Address: 7 Miska Kranjca st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/358-2276
E-mail: akud.dimitrije.koturovic@gmail.com

4/ 5stars

Dance is full glass of power and will for living, dance is extasy, culmination of excitement, going out into space, express like words in poem, as much as tone in music - Jovan Ducic
Cultural artist society DIMITRIJE KOTUROVIC was founded in 1967 in Belgrade and with arrival of architect Slobodan Prokic for art director in 1968 ensemble has start working on improvement of rich folk inheritance of our people and guarding its roots, style and basic character at the time.
Today ensemble has 17 choreographies on its repertoire of most eminent authors (Branko Markovic, Dragomir Vukotic, Mira Sanjina, Slobodan Prokic...) From its foundation besides many concerts in country we performed over 1500 times in all part of Europe and in several African countries.
Cities we performed in are: Hanover, Paris, Moscow, Tripoli, Athens, Kiev, Thessalonica, Vienna? We have four sections: folk orchestra, chorus, amateur theatre and ballet studio FLEKS. Society has over 300 members.