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Glass isn't cold; it brings warmth to the spaces where we live and work.

Through various processing techniques (etching, bending, coloring, painting, fusion), we can create pictures, lamps, jewelry, bowls, frames for mirrors and photographs, tables, decorations on cabinets, kitchen fronts... All of these can be unique, depending on the technique used.

At the "Sofija" workshop, in addition to regular glass services (all types of glass, drilling, grinding, bending, etching, framing pictures), we also create unique items and glass for various purposes.

We also work with decorative films, etching (both regular and in color). We have a wide range of motifs and can work based on your ideas.

Fusion: melting glass of different shapes and colors in high-temperature kilns. After fusion, it can be further decorated with colored etching, bending, stained glass strips... A beautiful decoration for doors, partitions, kitchen elements, windows. They adorn homes, business spaces, hospitality establishments...

Films: we use them as a substitute for etching (sandblasting film) where the same motifs as etching can be applied. The advantage is that they can be applied to already installed glass. We work with films and colors, combining them with etching. Sandblasted surfaces can be tinted, and by removing the film, you get completely new glass surfaces. Printed films for kitchens, wardrobes, and glass partitions.

Mirrors: In addition to classic processed mirrors and framed ones, we have very interesting mirrors decorated with fusion-made frames. They come in various shapes and sizes, and we can customize them according to your preferences. They can be further enhanced with etching, coloring, stained glass strips...

They beautifully adorn any space. A lovely gift that lasts much longer than a bouquet of flowers.

Etching and colored etching: Everyone knows about etching techniques with various motifs, but we also offer an addition - colored etching! It's done in pastel tones, and the combination possibilities are exceptionally vast. It's highly decorative and can be tailored to your taste.

Lamps: We create them using fusion techniques, regular etching, and colored etching. They can be painted in vibrant colors or discreet pastels. The glass can be bent into various sizes and shapes and adapted to your living and working spaces. They provide warm light and a unique atmosphere. They are entirely made of glass (including bases), and you can suggest shapes and colors.

See you soon, regards, "Sofija" workshop

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