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Funeral services Belgrade
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  • Bus: 68, EKO1

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Works 24h Open on Sundays Wheelchair accessible Parking

Funeral Company In Memoriam

Funeral Company In Memoriam schedules burials and cremations for all cemeteries in Belgrade and surrounding areas.

We provide transportation for the deceased.

Transportation of the deceased is 60 dinars per kilometer plus toll costs.

Funeral equipment for all religious communities.

Funeral Company In Memoriam eases the burden for families of the deceased by providing funeral services. We offer complete funeral equipment, organization of burials and cremations, and transportation of the deceased to all cemeteries in Belgrade or abroad. We will help you bid farewell to your loved ones in a ceremonial and dignified manner, allowing you to fully dedicate your time to family and friends who have come to share your grief.

Funeral Company In Memoriam d.o.o. will:

  • Collect all necessary documentation
  • Obtain a death certificate
  • Schedule the burial or cremation
  • Arrange payment of funeral expenses and outstanding pensions from the PIO fund
  • For international services, obtain a transport permit or guide you on what to do if you are abroad
  • Offer a wide selection of funeral equipment
  • Place the body in a cold storage from the moment you call us until the day of the burial or cremation
  • Provide transportation of the deceased within the country and abroad with our funeral vehicles
  • Organize burials or cremations according to all religious customs
  • All our funeral services at In Memoriam d.o.o. can be paid in cash, by deducting the amount from the PIO fund, or by check in up to 6 monthly installments.

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Methods of payment

Cards Cheque Through an administrative ban / installment