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Funeral services Belgrade
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Undertaking company “KRALJ” agency offers all kinds of undertaking services with the desire to alleviate your troubles in your grieving moments. We have a broad selection of undertaking equipment, we organize funerals and gather all the required documentation. We also transport the deceased to any location in Serbia and abroad.

Call our undertaking company “KRALJ” and take advantage of our years of experience which guarantees the quality of our services, which we have provided to many families in our years of work. We will do our best to fulfill all your requests swiftly, with precision and quality. Undertaking company “KRALJ” can take over all responsibilities regarding transporting the deceased and organizing the funeral as well as all associated activities per your request.

Undertaking services of “KRALJ” undertaking agency are available 24h a day, 365 days a year.

Call us using the information from our contact page, non-stop during any day of the week and on holidays.

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