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The private company ZZ SISTEM started based on the many years of experience from working in Elektrouniverzal company which services appliances. Due to the fact that in that period, most of the spare parts came from import, mr Zoran Racic, formed in 1998 a team of engineers, technicians and highly qualified different profiled workmen, with the goal to start a production of spare parts and joint for home appliances. The production plant in Beli potok at the Avala bottom, became a place where technologies were adopted, specialized tools were being manufactured and the production started, of parts and joint which were until then imported, such as ventilators, te-ovens which are for its technological complexity a industrial product that today is the most important export product of ZZ SISTEM. Thanks to, here for the first time used technology of cooper and aluminum joining, a production of efflorescence plates for all kinds of household cooling devices started. Except from the technologically complex products such as ventilators, te-ovens and cooling devices? vaporizers, ZZ SISTEM also makes a large number of spare parts for household appliances made out of plastic, tin and rubber, such as handles, filters, wheels, flange boilers, diverse types of hinges, motor parts, bearings, laundry machine door rubber. The ZZ SISTEM production is complemented with trade which provides about 2000 articles related to household appliances, in order to satisfy the needs of all market subjects in this field.