Glass, glass-cutters Belgrade

Address: 38-40 Kursulina st., Vracar // 81 Karadjordjeva st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/2430-735, 062/48-30-48 // 011/7614-769
E-mail: staklopanplus13@yahoo.com

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Staklorezačka action Stakloplan plus 13 is located on the territory of Vracara in Kursulina 38-40 in Belgrade.
Drawing on many years of work and experience staklrezac can offer you a wide range of staklorezačkih service, high quality products at very affordable prices.

The domain of our services related to:

- Fireproof glass for fireplaces
- Glass for stoves
- Replacement of glass
- Manufacture of mirrors
- Replacement glass facades, windows
- Furnishing of apartments and commercial space mirrors and glass framed mirrors
- Picture Frame
- Auto glass
- Glass tables
- Glass shelves
- Manufactured windshields for all makes of cars and trucks.

High precision at work and respect deadlines production, processing and engraving glass and mirrors, the characteristics of the work of our stakorezačke actions. We strive to perfect approach to each of our clients with be satisfied with our service.

The perfect way to enrich your living space with modern elements in the form of glass doors, stairs or shower tempered glass measure is to drop to our glaziers actions and entrust our jobs of making the same. Our shower made of tempered glass will make your bathroom an oasis of peace and contentment.

Complete flat glass in one place.

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