Healthy food Belgrade

Address: 3a Paunova st., Banjica
Belgrade Phone: 011/3984-695, 069/4070-533
E-mail: cecinbiospajzdoo@gmail.com

4.5/ 5stars

We are at the beginning of the street Paunova in Banjica. We offer all kinds of health foods and products that give you a much improved life. We have over four and a half thousand items, so that each of you will be able to find what suits him. Below we will briefly what you can get here: - Unleavened bread - Gluten free food (Schar, Senza, Dr. Scotti) - Fasting healthy food (sandwiches, pies, pastries) - Whole wheat flour and pasta - Organic grown grains, legumes, sprouts, sprouts - Healthy food in the form of soy products (tofu, cheese spreads, tofu sauce, sour cream, yogurt) - Macrobiotic products (miso, umeboshi plums, kuzu, tamari, shoya, tempeh, seitan) - Honey and honey products home Kovacevic - Seeds, nuts, dried fruits - Cold-pressed oils (pumpkin, flax, sesame, corn germ, soybean, peanut, sunflower, olive) - Seaweed (wakame, kombucha, Aram, hijiki, nori) - Dairy products from goat's milk (cheese, milk, yogurt, whey) - Sweeteners (brown sugar, fructose, dextrose, barley malt - Maltex, rice malt) - Herbal teas, spices and herbs - Healthy Beverages (Boza, yeast, Kombucha) - Dijabetičarski program (jams, chocolates, biscuits, spreads, sweeteners, candies ...) - Natural juices - Dried mushrooms (kordiceps, koprinos, shiitake and Reis) - All kinds of diet spreads - Protein drinks - All types of milk plant - All types of herbal drops - A program for weight loss (antikilogram, acai, Nera and fiti ...) - Oatmeal - Oregano products - Essential oils - Herbal supermenti (zeolite, plus algin, collagen, golden poppy, germanium, Stratham, noni, triphala, nimgard) - Revitalization, nutrilans - All types of coffee plant - Herbal syrups - Complete Sweets - Interior Building rifuz - Wide range of cake decorations (candles, fireworks, plates, glasses, children's champagne ...) - The measure of olives - Pastries In addition to healthy food for vegetarians, macrobiotic food, and all admirers of the gifts of nature, in our product range and stand out: - Program for hair against dandruff and seborrhea - Herbal Cosmetics - Argan oil - Cosmetics gift - Indian cosmetics - Cosmetics was - All types of clay - Goat milk soap - Soap fruit - from the nature of the detergent - Vegetable oils for special purpose Healthy food and medicinal products extra, you can achieve detoxification of the body, removing fat and increase immunity: - Neera syrup - Green Magma - Silver Water - Instant drinks (ginger, ginkgo, green coffee and Gentian) - Zeolite - Clay Healthy food ready body for summer, a natural cosmetics Cheer body. Visit us and see the quality.