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Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade
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Works 24h Open on Sundays Free WiFi Wheelchair accessible Parking

“Senjacki kutak” home license number is 0269

Our care home for the elderly “Senjacki kutak” is an institution for accommodating the adult and the elderly persons.

It wasn’t just intended for the elderly, but for all those who require care and assistance.

One of the most beautiful care homes for the elderly can be found in Senjak in the peaceful and beautiful location at 14 Kablarka street.

The house is surrounded by greenery for true enjoyment.

At our care home we provide medical care and attention to our users 24 hours a day.

The entire space is covered in video surveillance that allows us to constantly monitor our users.

The house is air-conditioned, all rooms are bright, luxuriously equipped and very pleasant.

Each room has beds, end tables, lockers, lamps and LED TV.

Also every one of our users has their own SOS button so they can ask for help at any time.

We have single, double, three and four-bed rooms.

The entire space is equipped to help the users feel at home.

Our beautiful terrace allows our users to come out for some air.

Going out into the terrace is adjusted to both mobile and immobile persons.

In addition to the terrace there is also a large yard where our users can walk around and perform various other activities.

Both in the ground floor and upstairs there is a dining room and living area where the users can spend time together.

Spending time together, watching TV, reading, playing games.

All our furniture is adjusted to the needs of our users.

For moving the immobile and semi-mobile users, we have various aides (wheelchairs, walkers...)

We also have scale mobile chair for staircases.

All the bathrooms were done according to the highest standards and adjusted to both mobile and immobile users.

Our professional team includes a doctor, a social worker, a pedagogue, head nurse, medical technicians, caretakers, server and hygiene workers.

These are the people who take care of our users every single day by:
- Constantly monitoring their condition 24h.
- Regular control for blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, temperature
- Administering all kinds of therapy
- Laboratory testing when needed
- Specialist examination when needed (neuro-psychiatrist, cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist)
- bathing, shaving, hair-styling and nail clipping
- caring for the building hygiene
- meals as advised by nutritionists, 3 main meals and 2 snacks

Our social worker is in charge of the social life of our users.

We give special attention to everyday activities:
- Conversations (individual and group)
- Playing social games
- Watching movies
- Karaoke
- Theatre guest appearances
- Choir guest appearances
- Musical and literature evenings
- Various workshops

We are easy to reach.

You can find us near the fair, close to the post office, the Maxi market, the marketplace and near the 44 bus turnabout.

Come and see why we are the best!!!