Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 16 4. Flavijeve legije st., Visnjica
Belgrade Phone: 011/299-30-41, 275-54-54, 064/659-67-31
E-mail: info@elizabeta.rs
Website: www.elizabeta.rs

4.5/ 5stars

The home is located in Visnjica, 30m from the river Danube, in a quiet and peaceful setting while still only 6km away from the city center.
MEDICAL SERVICES The daily care for our customers is done by our team (Doctor, the head nurse and social worker), in cooperation with the nurses and nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Apart from the usual everyday medical services such as control of temperature, pressure, sugar levels, injections, infusion therapy, and more ... .... Home for the elderly ELIZABETH periodically provides users with an ECG examination and a complete biochemical analysis and if necessary, other types of examination and diagnosis. We also consult with doctors of various specialties. Our institution has signed an agreement on business-technical cooperation with the state ambulance, which we are available 24 hours a day.
NUTRITION The Home has its own kitchen to prepare five meals (three main meals and two snacks) always from fresh ingredients which are purchased every day. Large dining room and living room is very comfortable rooms equipped and furnished so that it contains all the users can spend their leisure time. For diabetics and people with special needs are appropriately applied nutrition under the supervision of a nutritionist.
HYGIENE The other rooms we emphasize the existence of their own laundry, which is available to provide the ultimate in hygiene for home users complete the stay.
SAFETY The whole plot is fenced and filled with greenery, and all of a courtyard and corridors, staircases, dining room, living room and bedrooms with dependent users is covered with 29 surveillance cameras and security of users at a high level. In terms of greater security facility is indented hydrant network - the fire system.
SOCIAL LIFE It occupies an important place in our home and comprises of a set of activities of which we highlight a few: Common walks nearby banks of the Danube, regular trips to important cultural sites in and outside the city, the group provided transport. Organized the planting of garden flowers and other creative activity in nature, birthday parties, anniversaries and other significant dates and socializing with fun games such as chess, dominoes, cards, etc., reading poetry and novels, spending time with children in cooperation with local kindergartens, entertainment the presence of animators and other activities at will and choice, with emphasis on the individual's preferences, depending on age and intellectual level.